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NOTD: Joe Fresh Storm

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Exciting news: The Joe Fresh Fall nail polish has arrived this weekend, at least at my Superstore. Still the same deal 3 for CAD10 or CAD4 each. The bottles are tiny (6ml), which put them around the same price range as medium drugstore nail polish.

I have been waiting impatiently for the nail polish, after seeing the Fall eyeshadows in store a week or two ago.

Among the 8 shades, I got the 3 that I'm most interested in, from L-R: Storm, Fog and Jade.

There's a matte top coat that might be fun to test out too, but I have a pile of Claire's matte top coat already, don't think I need more.

Have you seen the new shades? Which one is your favorite?

Time to pick a colour to paint my nails for work, and it is Joe Fresh Storm.

Same concept of a mushroom colour that lots of brands have been introducing, but it doesn't stop me from getting Storm. And it doesn't disappoint.

Application is smooth, the colour is opaque in 2 coats, no streaking/ bubbling. I'm getting used to the small round cap, so maneuvering the brush isn't an issue either.

Storm isn't just another mushroom nail polish, as it has a hint of purple shining through, which is brought out a bit too much by the flash. It's a little darker taupe IRL, but lovely nonetheless.

I might do a comparison among the taupe/ brown shades I have (sans Chanel Particuliere and China Glaze Channelesque, lol), just out of curiosity. I might have too many of them in the same colour family already, but as fall comes around, colours like this would sure be in style.


  1. Storm is a really nice shade, as you said a taupe with a twist ^^ I love that it would be awesome if you did that comparison :)

  2. Great colors! Storm looks really nice :) I haven't tried the Joe Polishes yet, but 3 for $10 is a good deal!

  3. M, the comparison is going up today :)

    Steph, I love it :) Try Joe stuff out, there are gems in the bunch

    Gaby, thanks hun.

  4. Arghh! I just spent another $20 on nail polish with my mom... and now you have me drooling for Joe's Storm & Matte top coat! I've never had a matte top coat before so maybe I can make an exception for it :\

  5. Ashley, sorry to enable you lol. Storm is certainly a nice addition to anybody's stash. I can't comment on the matte tc yet. If you have a Claire's near you, there might be some matte tc in the clearance bin, as a cheaper alternative

  6. I bought the Joe Matte TC! I'm on the fence with it but considering it's the first matte tc I've ever tried, it's neat. I think I need to try it with another nail polish before I make a decision. I definitely don't like what it did to my nails the first time around.

  7. Matte finish is something that takes a bit of time to get used to, I found. Sure, try it out with different polishes, have fun experimenting. Even if you don't like it, it was fun time playing around :)