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Taupe polish comparison

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

I didn't plan to do the comparison this quick, but last night in Zumba class, I somehow ruined the polish on my right index finger and had to remove it. So it was convenient that I grabbed a few similar colour and compared :)

Here are the colours I have in the taupe family. This first pic is just to show you the bottle colours and the order that they go on my nails, not too much of the colours themselves.

From L-R:
- Orly Prince Charming (on pinkie)
- Joe Fresh Storm (on ring finger)
- Rimmel Pro Steel Grey (on middle finger), and
- Sally Hansen Complete Salon Commander in Chic (on index finger).

What is your guess/ verdict just with this pic?

Below is the close-up on the nails. Ignore the uneven nail length, I'm still recovering from the split last time.

Obivously Prince Charming is darker than the other 3 and therefore out of this game.

Among the rest, I would say Commander in Chic is just a tiny bit darker, but quite unnoticeable IRL. I have to say the difference is very minimal even though they have different colour tints underneath the taupe. Once on the nails, maybe some of you nail experts can tell but I can't.

Application wise, the wide brush of Commander in Chic and Steel Grey certainly wins, but like I said, I don't have problems with the smaller brush, as I have had enough practice :) Opacity wise, Storm and Prince Charming win. Lol, this is a fun game where everybody wins, isn't it?

More pictures with different lightings.

If you notice the difference, which one is your favorite?


  1. Thanks for doing that comparison so quickly :)
    I really like Steel Grey but except for Prince Charming they *are* all very close.

  2. Thanks for the comparison. I don't I have a shade like these in my collection, but I would like to find one soon :)

  3. Storm looks just a bit more purple-y to me than its two close friends.

  4. Great post; I actually love the Orly color the most!

  5. I love how you've been rocking the super trendy "almond-shaped" nails since before they became the shape-of-the-moment. I think this shape really works for you and looks just gorgeous. :)

  6. Wow, nice comparisons! I think I like Steel Grey the most :)

  7. M, yeah I can't tell them apart.

    Danielle, oh you gotta have at least 1 taupe polish, lol

    Karen, the purple hint in Storm is quite noticeable, I agree

    Ashwini, thanks hun :)

    G., I'm still testing it, not sure I like it yet lol, but thanks for the encouragement :)

    Julienne, yay another vote for Steel Grey

  8. Ooh, thanks for posting this! They look pretty much the same to me to be honest, but I love the taupe nail trend enough that I'd probably buy all of them! haha :P

  9. Arezu, no problem :) You said it, it's a lovely trend, so we don't mind joining in