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NOTD: Revlon Emerald City

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

I was so eager to see how the Matte Suede finish of the new Revlon collection turns out, so I pulled out Emerald City as NOTD for the weekend.

This is the colour itself, without a top coat, except for the accent shade (Claire's Chunky Gold). The flash did glossify the colour a bit, as it isn't that shiny IRL, but it isn't a 100% matte either - as you probably are familiar with suede finish already.

Just a note on Chunky Gold, it is a bit more sheer IRL and the glitters are gold, not green. They look green while reflecting Emerald City in nearby fingers.

Emerald City applies very smooth and easy, this is 2 coats. As with any suede or matte shade, it dries fast and (as mentioned above) still shines a bit, not totally flat on the nails.

However, also as with almost any suede or matte shade, it chips quite quickly, due to the lack of a protective top coat. Nothing major, just along the tips on my ring and middle fingers on the right hand, after 2 days. The left hand still looks perfect though, just so you know.

All in all, Emerald City is a pretty green colour with interesting finish. Now I'm itching to swatch Ruby Ribbon and maybe pick up the white shade (Powder Puff) too.

A close-up shot, if you are interested. Again, the glitters of Chunky Gold show up green as a reflection, not their true colour.

I found suede finish is a nice transition between regular finish and matte. If you are not a big fan of matte polish, maybe give this collection a try. And even if you don't like it, there's nothing that a top coat can't fix. If I didn't have to remove this mani last night, I might put on the top coat just to see how it looks.

How did your weekend go? Any good deals you found while out and about shopping? I didn't set foot out of the apartment, so I have no idea lol.


  1. <3 I dig Powder Puff, but if I recall it was a three-coater for me. :)

  2. I got some okay deals at a Revlon/Johnson & Johnson Warehouse Sale. Picked up 6 polishes for $10! I'll be posting the polishes soon :)

  3. Emerald City looks so rich on your nails. I wanted to try one of the Revlon matte suedes but none of the colors suited my tastes. I hope they come out with other colors soon!

  4. I think that colour reminds me of Christmas too much. If it were creamy and had no shimmer I would really like it, this one just doesn't do it for me. I do like the chunky gold glitter, though.

    If you haven't checked it out already, I just posted a big giveaway. (9 MAC products, an Urban Decay Naked Palette and a cute makeup bag).


  5. JQ, it might very well be but I don't mind 3 coats if it's a pretty colour :)

    Danielle, great score :) Will look forward to your post

    Ashley, thank you :) I heard these will join the regular line, which might mean there'll be more colours to come. Let's hope

    Alicia, yes, pairing with Ruby Ribbon, they are very Xmas-y :) I'll check out your giveaway, thanks for the heads-up