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Reviva Labs Makeup Primer review

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

This is the first review of products sent to me by Reviva Labs. I found their product range is very interesting, a little bit for everyone, from makeup to skincare.

The product that got my first attention is the Makeup primer. You know me, I totally believe in primers (and concealers, lol) and always wonder when I see a new one.

Housed in a glass bottle (1 Fl. Oz/ 29.5ml) with a pump and clear plastic cap which I like. Glass is certainly less convenient for travelling but I like how it feels a little heavy on the hand, not flimpsy or cheap.

The pump is strong and provides good control of the amount you want to come out, again, not the cheap quality kind.

The product itself is a clear gel of good consistency, not runny or watery. And you only need a tiny amount for the whole face.

What I have on my hand in the picture is enough for my face and 2 eyelids. Yes, it can be used as an eye primer as well. It is recommended to use over moisturizer or alone under makeup, but I always moisturize my face before doing anything else.

The gel absorbs really quickly into the skin, and once it does, the skin feels very smooth but dry and ready for makeup.

Ingredients: Cyclopentasiloxane, dimethicone, Vitamin A Palmitate, Vitamin D3, Olive oil, Coenzyme Q10, Squalane. So yes, it is not silicone free (if you are wondering), and no animal testing :)

Here it is, in action.

On the left is when I use my finger to spread the drop out a little bit, and on the right is right when I rub it in.

What this primer claims to do:
- Fill in lines, conceal pores, control excess oil
- Help skin instantly look and feel smooth and silky
- Help makeup foundation last longer
- COQ10 adds protective antioxidant action.

What I found:
- It does a good job prepping the skin for foundation and eyeshadows, helps the products glide on very easily and blend well. My makeup does last longer and not disappear within a few hours. Oil control for my T-zone and forehead is quite good, I didn't have to touch up.

- Fine lines and pores: The skin looks smoother and flaws are a little less visible, which is always appreciated.

- Q10 effect: I am not sure it is visible, but it's nice to know that it's part of the ingredient list. Lots of skin care products has this as an active ingredient.

All in all, it is a good primer to try, especially if you are looking for one with silicone. The product retails for $19.50 on Reviva Labs or Overall Beauty - if you are shopping for some BB Couture nail polish at the same time :)

Note: These are no affiliate links in this post nor I would benefit anything from your purchases, just so we are clear. Hope everyone has a good week so far!


  1. Looks really interesting. I haven't really tried many primers but I'm becoming more interested in them. I noticed that you say it's silicon free but one of the ingredients is a siloxane which is a compound of silicon. There's nothing really wrong of's just that it does contain silicon, that's what gives the velvety smoooth feeling! Great review! :-) xxx

  2. Nic, omg, thanks for spotting that. I was obviously losing my concentration for a minute there cause I did google that ingredient to see what it was before writing, lol

  3. Interesting, I've never heard about this range before but thx for the review ^^

  4. Its a great primer, I liked it too! Great review:)

  5. Monica, it is indeed :) Thanks for stopping by