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NOTD: Sally Hansen Pure Joy

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

My untried pile is getting bigger and bigger but right now I am wearing my nails bare with just a coat of nail strengthener, because of a bad split nail on my "photo" hand. Felt like giving the nails a break.

This is a NOTD I wore before the break: Sally Hansen Pure Joy. It is a subtle enough colour for work, but I don't love it. Nothing set it apart from many pink shades out there. That was why sometimes I found safe-for-work shades boring, lol.

The birthday is approaching, so I was going to think about a colour to wear that day. Can't really decide. Plus, the bf is leaving next Monday, I don't really feel like celebrating anymore. Right now, I am trying to help him pack, so both of us could be a little less stressed over the whole thing.

It has been pretty quiet on the blog lately. I didn't see many comments, start wondering if you guys didn't like the topics I covered. Or maybe I should post a little less often, so there's a breathing space between posts. What do you think?

Oh, and if you haven't entered the Summer giveaway for some Annabelle goodies, please do. Cheers!


  1. Oh no I think some people like me get into the habit of just admiring posts/NOTDs etc and get a bit lazy with the commenting! Have you signed up for Google Analytics? I average about 4-5 comments per post...but when I check Google Analytics I've had many more page views than that! Remember some people are just silent followers and don't like feel confident to comment on everything!

    I am currently on a nail-rehab! Mine's were so brittle and dry so am doing intensive moisturising and lots of cuticle oil before my next mani! Can't decide on colours either! xxxx

  2. Nice colour (^_^)

  3. i ditto nic up there. sometimes we just view pics and not say anything. also I know that more often than not (like seriously 75%) with all the spam filters, word verifications, and then the comments NOT posting, it just gets to be a hassle. I think that is why even til now, watercolourskys is the only blog i write even little blurbs just to say NICE cause i just comment, fill out my name and post. but don't let quiet let you down kay~ cause it doesn't always mean anything. I would rather have quiet than a crapload of ppl just replying with "nice pic!"
    also... **hugs* this isn't an easy time for you both, or squirt, but LD things are possible right! so hang in there!

  4. I agree with the comment above! I often just look and only sometimes comment! Don't worry about it, I often feel the same way! I love your blog though! My favourite part for sure is the deals that you post, it's very helpful! except that in Montreal we never get all the awesome things that you talk about! Winners is gonna be one of my first stops when I come !!

  5. i feel that way too sometimes! but then I think that I have a hard time keeping up with the blogs i am following, it must be hard for other people too! i am a silent follower sometimes but will try to step up my game for you! ((hugs))

  6. Nic, thanks so much hun. I gave up on GA a while ago and hardly go there anymore.

    Becky, thanks :)

    E, sorry for the troublesome comment process, but I hate letting spams go through on the page. I have stopped so many. And thanks a bunch for the hugs. I needed that.

    Smita, you'll be here soon enough. Winners is all yours lol

    Jbrobeck, thanks for your sweet comment. Hugs you back :)

  7. Comments are nice, I agree, though as others have said it's often hard to keep up with making them especially if one has a big blogroll. I rarely get comments on my old school online journal and that used to bother me but I find I keep writing it because I like having a record of what I've done (and I know that some people are reading even if they aren't commenting--like my husband).

  8. Hi Karen, yes, I gotta keep going. Your husband reads your blog? That's so sweet :)