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Weekend finds

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

So, after a very busy Friday night and Saturday, I was so hoping to sleep in Sunday morning, but had to get up for the F&F sale (if you saw my Weekend flyer deals post).

A little note before we start: the poster said 10am - 12pm but it only applies to stand-alone stores. For stores that are inside a mall, opening time depends on mall hours. My mall opens 12-5 on Sundays, so of course the stores don't open until 12. Well, they let me in to browse around 11, but it still sucked having to waste an hour waiting! Just so you know if you plan to participate in future sale.

This little haul is from Suzy Shier. I was sad to see that they had shipped almost all of the clearance items to the outlet and didn't have much in store anymore. I went for jewelries instead.

These are 3 for CAD5, before the 20% off F&F sale and my loyalty discount (10%). 1 item was missing somewhere lol.

I saved the most with the necklaces, as they were around CAD9 reg. Love the cuffs as well, and earrings and rings are like icing on the cake lol. I'm running out of space to store them.

At Sirens, I got a top with studs in the front, and a dress with belt, around CAD10 each before discount. They are black, the details won't show up well in pics, so no pics :) They have great sales on shoes ($5-$15) but the heels are way too high for my taste. Check the store if you are looking for shoes.

I was about to leave the mall, but had to check Claire's lol. Found out that besides the 10 for $10 sale that is still going on, there's a Back to School promo: with purchase of $20 or more from now till August 27, you'll get a $10 gift card (redeemable from August 28 to September 19). I figured this would be the best time to pick up some Mood polishes - as before this, I only have 1. They are CAD5.75, BOGO 1/2.

Also went in an Ardene outlet store with sales ranging from 2 - 3 - 5 or 10 for $10, mix and match. I grabbed some headbands, shaped rubber bands (hair ties) and tights for cheap. Like Claire's, Ardene targets teenagers, but I didn't mind, lol. The quality is not bad at all for the price. Only 2 shades of nail polish, so I might have to hunt around some more.

Other finds, FYI:
- Winners now have Milani in stock - sets of 4 nail polish, or 3 lip glosses, or multi-product packs, CAD8.99 each. If you don't have access to Milani where you live, check out your Winners. There're also packs of 5 Borghese nail polish for CAD19.99, quite cheap.

- Shoppers starts carrying Orly now. At the moment, there's only a LE display of iViva collection - 4 shades, CAD9.99 each. I'm hoping they'd get the regular colours on the shelf. The price isn't that great though. Wait for sales, maybe?

- Superstore has $2 coupons (found on the coupon board near the entrance) for Joe Fresh lip products, good until Friday. Joe Fresh lip products range between CAD6-8, so $2 saving is not bad at all. I also found $2 coupons for Revlon lip/ eye/ face products there.

Do share what you found in the weekend. Any good deals I missed?


  1. The same Orly's that are now available at Shoppers, I found at Winners for $6.99, including the mini topcoat attached.

  2. Alisa, oh right, I remember seeing some Orly at Winners a while back. Thanks for commenting :)

    rhaindropz, thanks hun. I was excited getting small things like that

  3. My winners doesn't have these great deals! I need to come to hali now!

  4. Lots of pretty jewlery here!!

    And your winners seems to be a whole lot better than mine....=/

  5. Smita, it might be because Halifax is a small town, stock would go a little slower :)

    Lisa, it might just be because I go there too often, so it seems that I found more good stuff than you do

  6. I was at my local Winners this morning and saw the 4 packs of Milani nail polish too. I saw a couple bottles of Orly as well.

  7. Prettyonabudget, did you get any? :)