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Mr. Wrong and Birthday ramble

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

After about 4 days wearing nothing on my nails, last night, I went to my Melmers looking for a bithday mani. And it is Hard Candy Mr. Wrong, and I am totally in love with it - one of the best nail polishes I have tried.

It went on so smooth, opaque in 2 coats and so shiny. I have no words for the colour itself, as I don't know what colour I should call it. A chameleon? :) It looks different depending on the lighting and the angle, too bad the picture does not do it much justice.

Yes, it's Friday the thirteen, and I am getting older. Well, actually back home, I'd be a year older already on the first day of Lunar calendar (back in February), but I prefer the idea of turning older a little later, lol. I am going to ramble, so if you are not in the mood for that, you can turn away now, lol.

I almost finish reading Eat, Pray, Love today (I like it more than I expected, by the way) and feel that I could relate to how Liz feels about herself when she is in love. She feels free and young. I actually feel younger than I was a few years ago and I am happier too. I don't normally appreciate what I see in the mirror in the morning (sleep deprived, most of the time) but I actually smiled happily today while I was brushing my teeth. I didn't look too bad :) Maybe something in the air helped me feel better about myself, or maybe someone. I have changed a lot in the last few years, inside and out. Love and confidence, and makeup have a big part in that process for sure.

As this is a beauty blog, let's just talk about the makeup part. I don't care if people think makeup is artificial or something you disguise yourself with to hide your real self. To me, it is a life saver. Making myself look presentable has not been in my mind for such a long time until I realize what a big mistake it was. If I could be a better version of myself, why not? I have put myself down and let others treated me the same way.

The bf changed my mind set a lot, in a good way. He opened up my thoughts and helped me to centralize myself around things I care about. I realized me being happy would make people I love happy too and started to smile more. Of course, life is complicated and I can't smile all the time, but I try to when I can. Maybe that's why I feel young.

This is a picture I took in Banff that I was quite happy about. The sun was setting and somehow made the whole sky turn red. The people who live there told me that doesn't happen very often. It was a magical moment. Do you believe that magic does happen in life?

Makeup brings me a lot of joy. Well, I went a little overboard in that department, but I am happy. I started this blog and got to know many wonderful friends because of it. It is a happy place where I can escape to sometimes and come back feeling a little more optimistic. The bf is leaving for school, so Squirt and I are back to being on our own, but we'll get through this. And we'll meet the bf again soon enough.

So these are some birthday thoughts I have waking up this morning. I just write down what my mind is going through, hope you don't find it too unorganized. I am not going back to read this again before publishing it, so there you have it, my honest random ramble :)

Have a good Friday (and weekend), everybody!


  1. I love your nails! I was considering trying to get hold of Mr Wrong but it isn't really a colour I could wear very often. Happy Birthday again! The bf will be back before you know it :)

  2. I live in Calgary, not far from Banff, and I haven to say I've NEVER seen a sunset like that before. It's beautiful! I hope you have a great birthday.

  3. that sunset was probably caused by the forest fires

  4. I hope your birthday was awesome. I love that lacquer too. ;) And I love your discussion on this post and the sunset. I loved it all. Happy Day!

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  6. S, Mr. Wrong is very versatile, I even wore it to work :) And thanks for the sweet wishes

    Perry, thanks so much hun. I needed hugs :)

    Geekyreads, so people were right eh? I don't know what made the sky red, but I was in awe

    Sarah, there wasn't any fire at the time that I know of. The sky was normal when I was walking and turned red gradually :)

    Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes, thanks so much hun xo

    maRyya, thanks for visitting

    Kristyhater, thanks, you are so sweet.