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NOTD: OPI Do You Lilac It?

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

I dived right in my Blog sale haul and picked out Do You Lilac It? to paint my nails last week. I don't have many OPIs to play around with, so I didn't waste anytime to change that situation, lol.

I'm always wondering what it is about lilac/ lavender/ light purple shades that people love so much - until I own a few of them myself. As pastels were so popular in the spring, I indulged myself a bit.

I heard so much about the OPI purples that everyone seems to own already, and I can say I hear you now, with only one try.

Do You Lilac It? is such an awesome shade of polish. Period. It's sweet, it complimentes my skin tone (don't know whether you can tell with the picture, but it does IRL) and it lasted me more than 3 days. That's a record with me, as you might have heard me mention that couple times.

Gotta give OPI credits for the wide brush. It made application so much easier, less double/ triple dipping into the bottle, less mess on the cuticles. OPI should be cheaper and easier to buy for us all, don't you think?


  1. I love this color! I think its perfect for summer! And yes... I wish OPI was easier to get your hands on, and not so pricey! I have to say though... its worth it!

  2. i have this too! but sadly i thought it looked weird on me :(
    maybe i shld swop it... :/

  3. Alluring Bath & Beauty, due to OPI's price, I can only splurge once I found them on sale somewhere, or through blog sales :)

    Jamie, sorry it didn't work with your skintone. Swapping is a good idea.

    Justine, thanks hun :)

  4. I have this and I love it. I will buy every lavender I see. :)
    It looks great on you.
    A reminder to join in on my giveaway. :)

  5. Awesome!

    I didn't get this, but got Rumple's Wiggin' instead. I just LOVEEEEEEE lilac!!!

  6. cute purple! Its too bad OPI did their thing and stopped resellers online from offering lower prices.

  7. susies1955, thanks for the reminder :)

    jean, OPI seems to do well with lilac/ purple shades, don't they?

    S, yes it is such a PITA now