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MAC Kijiji haul

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

I never thought of going on Kijiji to look for makeup. I'm on there constantly looking for a cat for Squirt but never wander around to other sections of the site. A short conversation with a fellow blogger sparked my curiosity, and I went and look.

Found a jackpot, lol. The lady had a good stash of MAC but didn't use it much, so she wanted to sell it all together.

So I got:
First row: Solar Bits Pearlized Pigment Clusters in Scatterrays. Pigments: Reflects Antique Gold, Melon and Steel Blue.

Second row: Mineralize Blush in Superduper Natural, Blushcreme Pearl in Sweet William and Brushed Metal X Cream Shadow in Material Gold.

You know I haven't been in a MAC store for a long time, so I don't own any of the products from these categories. I was so excited to trying them out without paying full price. Always dread about MAC prices.

Now with MAC eyeshadows, I do own a few before this haul.

Now I have:
- Aquadisiac, Steamy, Swish, Pink Freeze and Gorgeous Gold - in pot form
- Surreal, Shimmer Moss and Electra - in pans.

I need to learn how to depot these eyeshadows. Youtube vids look easy enough, but I'm scared to ruin the products if I don't know what I'm doing.

Also got 2 eyeliners - Technakohl Eyeliner in Smooth Blue and Eye Kohl Eyeliner in Minted.

Love the coloured liners, as they are more fun to play with :)

Other random items, as icing on the cake for the haul:
- Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Body lotion
- L.A.M.B by Gwen Stefani Shower gel and Body lotion, and
- OPI Red Like Roses.

The lady put all this stuff in a nice handbag for me too, I was happy. My very first purchase on Kijiji was a success, yay!

As this city is small, so is its Kijiji. But I didn't do too bad since. Got some polish and Jessie's Girl makeup off it. Love bargains, especially when you don't have to pay for shipping. It's a local ebay, lol.

Do you shop on Kijiji?


  1. Nice score! I never thought to look on kijiji either!

  2. Cool find!!!!! I love SuperDuper Natural blush!!!

  3. Wow I never thought of looking on Kijiji for makeup! I use that site a lot as well to sell baby items and find random "NEEDS" and also repairmen.
    Nice loot :) I love getting a good deal and if it was all put in a handbag on top of it all, then even better LOL (bag-aholic here).

  4. Great haul! My girlfriend gets all her MAC on Kijiji - I never seem to be lucky enough to grab the good ones in time :)

  5. Whoa, so many pretties! :D Gorgeous Gold has been on my wishlist for aaaaages

  6. XD awww great deals :)
    glad to see you didnt buy the brushes! lol
    love the pigments~ ive been scoping out some more...but always back away cause i kno its not something i need >_<

  7. What an awesome haul! I love Aquadisiac!!

  8. It looks like lots of you ladies were like me, didn't think about looking for makeup on kijiji. Like Lena said, it's time sensitive and we have to keep an eye on the posts to be able to score.

    Mel, I know right? Great selling tactic, lol

    SilhouteeScreams, awww. I haven't swatched Gorgeous Gold yet, don't know whether it's good.

    rasilla, yep I passed on the brushes and the pigment loots. Self control, lol

    Judy, I'm not normally into blue but Aquadisiac is pretty, I agree :)