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Marcelle Anting aging products

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

I always wish I paid attention to anti-aging products a little earlier, as it's already a little late to start when you first see those annoying fine lines. But anyway, I guess better late than never :)

Here are the two products that I have been using intensively, as I panicked trying to rescue my undereyes and all, lol. I am just lucky to be sent these, as while panicking, I wouldn't know where to look. I am very grateful.

First product: Marcelle Essentials 1st Wrinkles Eye contour cream, comes in an alluminium-like tube (0.5oz/ 15ml). Suggested retail price: $27.50.

Texture: Despite the name, the product comes out of the pump in more of a lotion texture than cream. And it's hypo-allergenic, perfume free. I just need a tiny amount for my 2 eyes and it absorbs quickly, leaves no residue.

What it claims to do:
- increases micro-circulation
- reduces puffiness and dark circles and the first signs of wrinkles
- deeply moisturizes and protects the delicate eye contour area
- revitalizes the skin.

What it does: It keeps the areas underneath my eyes soft and moisturized and slows down the appearance of the ugly fine lines there - just what I needed. As the product doesn't have SPF, I use it at night before bedtime. And when I wake up, my eyes are ready for a layer of SPF eye cream before makeup.

Main ingredients: Water, Cyclopentasiloxane, Aluminum Startch Octenylsuccinate, Olive Oil Unsaponifiables, Propylene Glycol, Petrolatum, Alcohol, etc.
Note: Ethylparaben, Propylparaben, Butylparaben and Isobutylparaben are listed at the end of the list (i.e. minimal amount among ingredients) but just in case some of you concern.

All in all, the product does what I wanted it to do. If you are at my age range or notice some fine lines on your face, give this product a try. The price is in a higher range at drugstores, so waiting for a sale or buy it in a combo set. Let me know how it works for you.

Second product: Marcelle New Age Anti Wrinkle makeup.

Now it's my face that needs some care, and what could be better than makeup and skincare combine into one? Best selling point for me.

- fights the signs of ageing and gives your skin a more youthful appearance
- reduces the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and crows' feet
- conceals imperfections and reduce signs of fatigue.

Packaging: Second best selling point. The bottle is plastic, so no breakage during travel. The pump makes application a lot easier, no pouring, no over pouring product on the hand and no feeling bad getting rid of the extra when I'm done applying it.

Texture: light and semi matte finish, very easy to blend, no streaking. I don't really feel like I have it on, plus no greasy feeling after. The formula is hypo-allergenic and perfume-free, suitable for all skin types.

Main ingredients: Water, Cyclopentasiloxane, Caprylyl Methicone, Titanium Dioxide,Iron Oxidies, Talc, etc.

Effects: It works so well on my combination skin, does not make my oily T-zone more oily and does not make the rest of my face dry or flaky. Anti-wrinkle wise, it does camouflage the fine lines and makes my face look fresh and healthy. Coverage is medium, so I still need some concealer here and there, but I always have to do that anyway. I reach for this bottle every so often during the rush of morning makeup and so far it has not let me down.

Downside: Only 6 shades available and they are quite close/ similar. I had a hard time picking out my shade. Suggested retail price: $22.95 for 0.75Oz/ 20ml, again, not in the regular drugstore price range.

Here are the swatches.

The foundation might appear a little light, due to the flash but the shade (True Beige) is a good match for my skintone.

The eye cream looks like it's not even there, lol. It disappears very quickly after a few patting motions.

I call these products the winning duo, as they did a good job in making me feel better looking at my face in the mirror. Wrinkles aren't avoidable, I know, but I don't want to see them just yet :)

Hope this is helpful. Let me know your experience with the products if you tried them, or any anti wrinkle advice you might have. Cheers!


  1. I have been using the Marcelle eye cream myself! What I like about it is that most eye creams are TOO rich and usually end up leaving little white bumps that eventually go away after I stopped using the cream! The Marcelle eye cream does not do this to me but is rich enough to hydrate my eye area leaving it smooth!

  2. Heehee, maybe I'll get these for my mum! I don't have wrinkles just yet but I hope sunscreen is enough for my teen years XD

  3. Thanks for those great reviews! I've been eyeing Marcelle Essentials 1st Wrinkles Eye contour cream at the warehouse sale, bu the Marcelle lady that was helping people out there told me I didn't need it LOL. But I DO have some fine lines around my eyes!!

  4. Nancy, it's great that the product works for you too :)

    Lisa, awww you're still going through teen years? Lucky you :)

    Gaby, I personally think it's a good product to start when you start seeing fine lines. Maybe next sale? :)