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NOTD: Sally Hansen Blush Rush

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Long time no post a NOTD :)

Today's colour is one from the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri line - Blush Rush. I'm always drawn to this shade when I look through the shelf, as it is a cute pink with a slight peach tint to it. I even picked up another bottle of it a few months back, just to realize I already had it, lol.

In this pic with flash, it appears a little pinker than IRL, but still is lovely.

I don't normally wear lots of pink, as I somehow think it doesn't do much for my skin tone. I think I got it for my sister but she wouldn't mind if I swatch it.

Here is what it looks like without flash, in daylight. Summer-y enough? :) Don't like the nail length right now, but what can you do?

I enjoy the brush of the Insta-Dri line, it's wide and firm enough to have a good controlled application. I normally have to do only 2 swipes to cover the whole nail, save some time there.

The bottle shape is unique, but kinda give it an unstable stand. When I swipe the brush on the bottle neck to get rid of extra polish before applying it, the bottle is a little shaky. I am scared I'd tip it over and spill the polish. And when I rearranged my polish to the new melmers, the shape just stuck out a bit more out of the norm. Not an issue per se, but worth noting.

Hope things are going well with you guys. And if they are not, keep positive thoughts. I can't say I am in the best state of mind lately, but life goes on where we are ready for it or not. Hugs!


  1. Lovely colour


  2. Michelle and Becky, thanks so much for your comments :) Glad you like pink, lol

  3. How well does that brand dry? Considering it says insta-dry ;)

  4. Sara, I wouldn't say it dries as quick as I want it to, but I love the wide brush on this one. I always have a fast dry top coat on top anyway