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The Blizzard Cats

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

If you saw my tweet last week, you had already known we had 2 new members of the family.

I finally found Squirt not one but two cats. And now that I have a chance to snap a few pictures of them, I'd love you all to meet them.

This picture is from the previous owner, taken when they were younger. How sweet are they? They made an upside down heart, do you see? They are brothers and are close to each other, so I adopted them both instead of just one (as originally planned). I know 2 cats mean more responsibility and work, but I couldn't bring myself to separate them, just by looking at this picture.

The black and white one is Oreo and the grey tabby is Reece. If you are a fan of Dairy Queen's blizzards, you can guess where their names come from, lol.

As you see in the pictures below, the cats love to sit on the windowsills or the balcony doorstep looking outside. They could be there for hours, being curious about what's going on outside, and they almost do everything together. I don't feel as bad leaving them at home together, and they have quite a few toys to play with.

Oreo and Reece have been adjusting to the new place quite well. They walked around checking things out, didn't want to come near us for the first few hours, but then they had to come out for food lol. The first few nights, they slept under my bed. By the third day, they already rubbed their heads on our legs and welcomed belly/ head rub when lying down. That night they walked all over me in bed, trying to find a comfortable spot to sleep, lol. They didn't stay there long though. I still don't know whether they sleep through the night or just stay up playing.

The boys are a little chubby in the belly, being indoor cats and all. We are taking a "Kitty Care 101" class near the end of the month, hoping to learn more about how to keep them healthy :) Squirt are really excited to have 2 little friends to play with but she "volunteered" me to be in charge of the litter box, lol. Having the boys with us means earlier wake up time (so we can feed them and clean the litter box), but we are doing well so far with them.

I haven't mentioned on the blog, but the bf is packing up to move to the US for school, so Squirt and I will be on our own. It is going to be hard, but I hope the cats would keep the fun going in the family and keep us company when we are sad.

If you guys have cats, please share your advice in taking care of them. We want to be good cat owners :) Have a great day!


  1. If they are males, look at good food. Male cats are more likely to get little stones in their blatter. Im not sure what the medical term is in english. But males cant pee them out like females can. Some brands have special foods to prevent the stones from forming.
    One of my cats had it, and it cost us a lot of time, money and even 2 operations for him to get healthy again. So i always try to make sure other people know the risks of male cats and regular food they sell in supermarkets. I dont want anyone else going through such stressfull times unneccesary. Ad im not even speaking of the pain and stress for the cat itself.

    Other then that: just make sure not to give them too much food. Make sure they have enough water, clean the litterbox regularly. And make them happy.(give them a good scratching pole, playthings and cuddle them a lot)
    We have 3 cats, and they seem to be happy around here, so i guess we're doing the ight thing ;)

  2. Awwwwww!so cute!!!! It's always better to adopt pets in twos, that way they can keep themselves occupied while there's no one home and you don't feel as guilty.
    We recently adopted 2 kitties too, they've learnt that looking cute and innocent will let them get away with murder xD
    Make sure they're on a good diet, that will save you a ton of money in vet bills. What are you planning on feeding them?
    Make sure you keep them indoors! this increases their life span significantly.
    Also remember, if you ever intend to have another child to stay away from litter duty, feline faecal matter may contain a disease that is dangerous to pregnant women.
    So much to say, so little space xD if you have any further things you want to discuss, don't hesitate to email me!

  3. Great suggestions from the above posters. My only addition is if/when you need to take them to the vet, DO NOT take them to the Atlantic Cat Hospital & Cat Nap Inn on Qunipool. I live in Halifax too, and wouldn't take my cat there again even if it was free!

    Have fun with the new munchkins... they're super cute :)

  4. Aww, they're so cute! I bet you're going to have a lot of fun with them! xxx

  5. Jasmine, thanks so much for sharing. So sorry to hear what you and your cat have been through. I'll be looking for food that helps that issue.

    MAC nunu, I know right? Great to hear you just have 2 kitties too :) Yeah, they can be evil sometimes, lol. And thanks so much for the advice, I didn't know the litter could be that fatal. Will sure to bug you once I have more questions :)

    Duochrome Diva, yay a fellow Haligonian. That place is actually where I am taking the Kitty Care class. They are that bad huh?

    Rocaille, thanks hun. I am having fun with them, but have to adjust our life around them too, lol

  6. We now have 3 cats,2 rescued as kittens from the street and the 3rd had an owner that developed allergies.They are so loving and calming!
    advice...a good vet and i agree good food from the vet not the grocery store stuff!
    mmm my latest discovery for litter is using a deep tote with plenty of litter,being deeper keeps more of the litter in the box and i keep it on top of a washable mat to stop the litter from tracking through the house...its still not perfect but better than it was with a regular litter box :)

  7. They are soo cute! It would have been a shame to separate them. So it's good that you gave both of them a new home.
    I have one female cat which we brought home from an animal shelter about four years ago and I don't want to miss her. She goes outside everyday though and therefore doesn't need a special diet to stay in shape *lol*.


  8. aaww, they're adorable! And you know what, I actually think it's easier to have 2 cats than one.

    I don't know what kind of cat food brands you have in canada, but one good rule is to give them as much wet food as possible. Ah, there is so much I could tell you about what to look for when shopping dry cat food... But two things is that it should contain a lot of meat (I prefer those who have more than 65% meat) and none or very little cereal grains. I breed cats, so I know a thing or two about them, don't hesitate to contact me if you want some advice or wonder about anything :D

  9. Mitch1066, I guess I should go talk to the cats' vet (I did ask the previous owner about the vet). We inherited the litter box from her too, and glad to see it's deep enough :)

    Chrissy, thanks hun :) Good that she get some exercise.

    Krex, thanks so much for the advice. I alternate their dry and wet food at the moment, maybe I should give them more wet than dry. My email might come to you sooner than you think, lol