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Nail Supply store haul

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

These finds are totally creditted to my friend in California who told me where she got all her nail polishes - Nail supply stores. I tried 2 stores and was very surprised at the price range they had. Are they what people call "dusties"?

What I got:
- OPI I'd Like to Thank and I'm not really a Waitress, $4.50 each
- China Glaze Cords, $2.25
- Essie Demure Vixen, Lapis of Luxury and Haute as Hello, $3 each
- Nail stickers, 3 for $5.

Colour selections were great, but are mostly not current, except for a special display of Essie where I got my shades. They also had OPI DS colours for $6 a bottle.

I tried to look through their stash to find any HTF colours but I wasn't that lucky, lol. Still very happy with the ones I got though. Later when I thought about it, I wish I grabbed a few brushes for cleaning up the cuticles after manis. They had base/ top coat in bulk bottles, could take years to finish. Now I wonder if they sell nail polish racks, lol.

Any of you get your polish from nail supply stores? What do you think about them?

Talking about nail polish, I can't wait till the fall when lots of cool collections come out. I was almost speechless reading the Fall collection post from Lacquerized. So many pretty little bottles staring at me all at once, lol. I love to see (and touch) Orly Cosmic and the Revlon mattes in September and China Glaze Awakening for Halloween. Are you excited?


  1. I always get my polishes from nail supply stores now-- OPIs sell for $3.75-$5, and I get Essie, China Glaze, and Orly for around $4. The prices are amazing and the colors? Fabulous! Next time you're in CA, you should arrange a polish scavenger hunt. I'd definitely go with you! :)

  2. OMG! Those are awesome prices!! But I don't know here's the nearest nail supply store D= I want some cheap and good polishes toooooo!!

  3. Nail supply (or salon supply) stores can be great for finding bargains. The OPI is a prime example (though, of course, once OPI knows which supply stores are selling their product at less than retail, they'll go after them.)

    I'm planning on buying several of ChG's Vintage Vixen colors - they're so pretty!! (One I wanted, Jitterbug, is already sold out at most of the online retailers. I'll have to keep my eyes open for that one.)

  4. Hee hee! I went to a nail supply store about a month ago. The lady asked me if I had a (nail tech) license. I told her no and she said that she'd let me buy this time. I went back last week and she remembered me...she upped the price on me because I wasn't licensed. I only got a top coat that had a free base coat with it.

    This store sounds similar to where you went where they have industrial size polish removers, hand creams and older polishes that have separated. lol

  5. Nice haul! I'm looking forward to the fall collections too.

  6. Great colors!~Love the Essie nail polishes!~Really good for summer!

  7. Shela, aren't their prices awesome? Next time I'm there, will sure look you up :)

    Lisa, I found these stores in the US, can't say I've seen one in Canada.

    LiAnn, so many great collections coming out makes me wish I lived near a nail supply store :)

    Kimberly, the stores I went didn't ask for license or anything. Hmm...

    Perry, we are going to be so broke with the new collections :)

    Makeup Fashion Love, thanks hun. I was lucky to find them at great price

  8. lucky you! great prices. the beauty supply i used to frequent just hiked up their prices :(

  9. Danielle, yeah I was lucky. Wish I could spend a bit more time there to look at all the colours they have. It sucks when stores do that, doesn't it?