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The Body Shop 3 for $10 sale

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

A few days back, The Body Shop posted their 3 for $10 sale up on their site and said it was online only. I wasn't impressed with what they had there so I kinda forgot about it.

But look, I have a haul today, because I walked by the store last night and saw the sale sign. The staff said it started last Friday, how come there was no email announcement?

Here's what I managed to snag from the little sale corner:
- 2 x Hot Brights blush in shade 02 Bronze
- 2 x Kiss of Color Cheek blush (the stamps, very curious about these) in shades 01 Vibrant Rose and 02 Golden Coral
- Matt & Shimmer Cheek Color quad in shade 01 Pink & Gold
- Define & Sparkle duo (glitter eyeliner and glitter mascara) in shade 01 Silver
- 3 x Sheer Lip Shine in 01 Sheer Pink, 03 Sheer Strawberry and 08 Sheer Peach.

9 items, CAD27 (after 10% LYB discount), so $3 each. The red stickers on some of the items indicated that they were discounted to CAD5 before this sale. I'm not complaining :)

When I went to check out the TBS US site, I realized that, for the very first time, we share the same sale price (last time when they had 3 for $10, we had 3 for CAD15, lol). Yay for TBS being nice to us this time.

So if you want some TBS, head to the store while the sale is still on. It's the best deal on makeup I have ever seen since I started buying TBS stuff, it's just the matter of finding what you want at your store. Good luck and have fun!

P.S.: Do I have any UK readers? So jealous you guys could get Benefit Eye Brights freebie with your Glamour magazine. Wish they started doing that around here :(


  1. Thats not a bad deal! I've never tried TBS makeup product because they seemed kind of boring and overpriced, but I'd definitely pick some products up with this promotion.

    Thanks for sharing :)

  2. I think the sale was always 3 for $15 up until now.. but $10 is so much better XD

  3. o there is also a body sop roll on glitter its really fast to use
    its costs rs 300 like 6$ i guess but really nice

    i have a pic on my blog


  4. Aw damn! I passed by the store and I saw $10 but I didn't know it was 3 for $10!

  5. omg drooling over the stamp and the quad...
    but no...must resist XD
    we will see what happens on sat when i go...
    but hopefully i can refrain from buying stuff XD

  6. have you tried any body shop eyeshadow? I own one of their shimmer cube sets and I was really disappointed...especially when it cost be $22. There was pretty much no color/ pigment at all. ever since then i'm sort of scared to purchase from the bodyshop but this seems like a good deal. I also own their eyeliner brush....probably one of the best brushes I own

  7. Hi! I'm a UK follower and a subscriber to glamour magazine so I phoned my boyfriend up to open my magazine and make sure my freebie was there, and which one - I got a black eye pencil, which I'm quite glad about as I love wearing eye pencil, but would have been nice to try something new for free - am tempted to buy another magazine to be honest!! :)

  8. Arezu, TBS has come out with quite a few creative makeup products lately. And you're right, full price is pricy :)

    Helen, I was so happy to realize it wasn't 3 for $15, lol

    Colour, TBS does have some nice stuff

    jooLee, come back to the store soon, lol

    rasilla, it was a really lucky find with the stamps, as they were the very last ones in store. Keep me updated on how it goes or whether you could resist it, lol

    shortnails, I do have a shimmer cube set but haven't tried. Don't give up on the brand just for 1 not so good product. Just swatch the stuff before buying. A sale like this is a good chance to try out more stuff without breaking the bank

    samwells87, I'd go nuts and buy lots of Glamour just for the freebie. I want the Eye Bright pencil.