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The Body Shop 3 for $15

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

It is that time of year again at The Body Shop: old season makeup is cleared off the shelves to get space for new stuff. Now, while our lovely ladies in the US could get their makeup fix with a 3 for $10 deal (which even went down to 5 for $10 to get rid of whatever left - last year's case), we have to settle with 3 for $15 deal. Same old story about Canada vs. US sales :-)

Anyway, I spotted the sale page up on TBS website yesterday and immediately called the store. They confirmed that the deal just came out the same day, so I was just perfectly in time.

I was mainly looking for these - the Eye & Cheek Palettes that were part of the holiday collection (org. CAD26 each). The first store I went did not have any left. I had them check the stock of another store and headed right over after picking up Squirt.

That store had a lot of palette #1 - Lilac & Silver, but only 1 palette #2 - Caramel & Pink. Yep, one, I was just lucky. Not sure whether #2 was more popular or they just made more of #1.

And the third item I got was love at first sight - the Iced Body powder in Apricot (only 1 shade available, org. CAD21). I opened the tester jar and it was light gold shimmer/glitter goodness, so beautiful. It's bascially a highlight powder that you can use for your body or face, finely milled and sparkly. I swiped it on my hand and LOVE!

I have to use the stock picture for the palettes as I might gift one away and don't want to break the seals on the cases. But check out the picture below for everything I got.

On the way home, I went to the third store, looking for the blush trios that I was lemming about back in August when they first came out. Fortunately, this store had them, phewww.

The shadow trios look small compared to the blushes, so I didn't bother and ended up getting 1 of #1 blush - Cool Dust and 2 of #2 - Warm Sunset. These are originally CAD23 a piece. Gotta love the sale price huh?

So yeah, it took me a bit of running around checking different stores, but I'm glad I got what I wanted.

Also found in the sale area were the Rose collection that I went crazy about last year (when they were 3 for $15), and the Hot Brights collection. If you missed them last sale, now might be the time to pick them up. If you can't find something in stores or don't live near one, you can check the online store. Note that shipping is at CAD5 flat rate.

One more thing before I go though, I kinda want this huge Ultimate Makeup Collection kit.

Orginally CAD130, on sale right now for CAD50, it has:
- Face & Body Brush
- Eyeshadow Blender Brush
- Eyelash Curler
- 1.25 g Eye Definer 01 Black
- 10 ml Super Volume Mascara 01 Black
- 8.5 g Shimmer Waves 02 Blush
- 14 ml Hi-Shine Lip Treatment 01 Pink Cream
- 14 ml Hi-Shine Lip Treatment 02 Red Gleam, and
- Classy Faux Leather Case with mirror and a draw for storage.

I don't have any of these products yet and didn't test them out at the store. Wondering about the quality and stuff. Let me know what you guys think, please!


  1. I was at DT vancouver Body Shop yesterday and spotted the same sale! Alas did not pick up anything, and of course I'm regretting it now, thus am going back during lunch today like a true beauty addict xD
    I am lemming those palettes, neither of the 3 stores I've seen so far has them and I don't wanna order online just palette y'know what I mean?lol
    Great hauls!

  2. Hi Sparkled, happy new year!

    I got me about $100 worth Yves Rocher eye-make while visiting back home- I had developed an infected eyelash or something and the specialist eye doctor who treated it told me Yves Rocher was a good brand. So I'm chucking all my old stuff and going with the new...

    Plus I got a Milani lipstick and lip gloss (Buzz?) from lawton today- have never tried the brand before, do you recommend it?

  3. MACnunu, you go girl, a true beauty addict! :-) Hope you will find a store that has the palettes, as they don't even have them online anymore.

    thenewcomer, Happy New Year to you too. I heard Yves Rocher is a good brand for skin care but haven't tried much. Sorry about your lashes.

    Milani is a good brand in general. I like their eyeshadows :-) Based on what I read, their Lip Mixers get better reviews than the Buzz. Sorry I can't be much help on this one.