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Gosh Army II

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

It has been a while since I posted about my Gosh Army. Recently with the little purchase of 3 Gosh nail polishes at less than half the regular price (reg. CAD13 on for CAD6), I have been on the hunt for more.

Check out what I found at my local Shoppers last night.

The little polish display at this store had quite a collection of shades on sale. I got the most beautiful ones :-)

From L-R: Bright Passion (multi-coloured long thin flakes in sheer black base), Ocean (frost duochrome blue) and Golden Dragon (metallic deep green, almost duochrome). They are so awesome, you gotta see them IRL to appreciate their beauty :-)

The rest of the haul, I found at the clearance basket near the cashier in cosmetics area, CAD4 each, omg! Second row are the Effect Powders, from L-R: Aquatic, Emerald, Green Star and Green Fingers.

As I haven't owned any lip products from Gosh, I bought a Pearl Shine Lipstick in Daiquiri, a beautiful pinkish red, on the far left.

The other 2 lipsticks are from No7 - Moisture Drench Lipstick in Nectar (great red colour) and Stay Perfect Lipstick in Glace (pearly pink).

I certainly will be playing with these babies to see how they perform. The lady said Shoppers discountinues these. Don't know whether they are getting new product lines or not.

There were also eyeshadows at the table, but I already had a good amount of them. Saw the Dream Lash Mascara in the bunch too, but I didn't pick it up. Mascaras have a much shorter shelf life than other makeup products, so I didn't really want to get anymore before I finish what I have.

If you want to haul a few Gosh items, make your way to Shoppers, as they might be having a clearance basket as well :-) Good luck!


  1. Gosh polishes in Ocean and Golden Dragon look great.

  2. I agree that you got the best colours from GOSH! =)

  3. OMG you got the powders!!!
    there was a GORGEOUS holographic powder i SOOO Wanted XD
    ps the polish is priced at $6 here...thats regular price for us apparently, unless they didn't change the price.
    pps im totally jelaous of those powders XD

  4. Biba, I was like hypnotised when I saw them in store :-)

    Babybubblz, thanks hon. Long time no talk!

    rasilla, haven't seen anybody that excited about the Effect powders :-) Which holo shade do you want? It's odd that the polishes are $6 reg there. Hmm...