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Avon Moisture Effective review

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Yep, it's Avon :) I was coming home one day and saw a few pretty little catalogues from Avon at the front door, thought I could take a look. And that was how it started, lol.

There were lots of things in Avon catalogues that I never heard of or tried before. Sometimes I looked for blog reviews first, sometimes I bought it to try myself if the thing is not expensive.

So this is Avon Moisture Effective Eye Makeup Remover Lotion, reg. CAD3.99 (2oz/ 60ml), often on sale for just CAD0.99 like it is right now, at the time of this post.

Like the name suggests, the product is meant to remove your eyemakeup and moisturize the eyes during the process. You rub/ pat the lotion on the lids to loosen the makeup, then wipe it off and rinse afterward.

I found this product in a catalogue about 2 years ago, and liked the idea. I love doing eyemakeup but dread removing it off at the end of the day as I hate seeing a "rainbow" mess around my eyes during washing. This product might just be what I needed.

This is how I use it: I put a few squirls of the lotion on a damp cotton pad (like in the pic), spread it out evenly on the pad with my finger, and then use it to wipe off my eye makeup. For mascara, I leave the pad on top of my lashes for a few seconds before wiping. This way, the "rainbow" mess is on the pad, not on my face or fingers. No greasy feeling aferward, no scent to it either. I follow up with a cleanser, for the whole face.

The lotion works very well removing eyeshadows and daily mascara, very gently (i.e. 1-2 coats, including waterproof). For night time mascara (3-4 coats), it might take a second cotton pad, or some makeup remover oil/ liquid, but I'm totally fine with that. By using the lotion, I use a lot less Bi-Facil or any other kind of makeup remover I have. The moisturizing part, I doubt it works, as the lotion is only on my lids for a few seconds, but at least I know it is not harsh or stripping the delicate skin around my eyes. That's good enough.

I have gone through a few bottles of this, always stock up when it's on sale. For a buck, and it works for me, why not? The bottle is plastic, and small enough for travel. I know some of you use Pond's Cold Cream for the same purpose, but I prefer the bottle than the jar, and I think Pond's costs a bit more :)

I have a little haul coming from my Avon lady, and this lotion is certainly part of it. Hope this review is helpful for some of you. If you tried this product before, feel free to let me know how it worked for you.


  1. Oh another cool product from Avon, I hope this comes to Msia soon :)

    I love their Urban Flowers Shanghai EDT, so fresh!

  2. I love this! Probably my favorite eye makeup remover ever, as I have such sensitive eyes. I'm currently using baby oil, but when I'll be done with my bottle, I will go back to this (=

  3. Is there any difference between ordering from an AVON saleslady and from the website?

  4. Foxy Frangipani, this product isn't new, so it's odd that they didn't bring it to your country. I never tried their perfume though :)

    Gaby, great to know that you like this product too. It works so well for me

    moonRabbit, if you order online, there's shipping cost (they sometimes offer discounted shipping, as a code in their newsletter). Plus, by ordering online, you can only take advantage of 1 sale period at a time. With an Avon lady, I can pick out best deals from 3 different catalogues at a time (as 1 catalogue can be order within 2 extra cycles after the order deadline). There's a cost per order about $.75 or something with your lady, which is nothing.

  5. my friend absolutely ADORES this and has tried to get me to try it out...
    but I figure if my naturally oily face+dove soap allows me to remove all my I REALLY need this extra step?
    But now that I am back to using Gosh Art liners, I might have to, those babies are giving me a headache in removal XD

    ^plus u are helping them out with their job :)

  6. rasilla, if the soap works for you, stick with it. I just don't like bringing soap or oil near my eyes, if I don't have to. The lotion is the best bet for me :) I'm not sure it could remove the famous Gosh liner, so test it out

  7. oh kool! that is my favorite makeup remover and i just mentioned how I never see it on any blogs- dont you love it? i love that it's a lotion, it's nice and soft on my lashes--

  8. Hi Erica, yes it is a well hidden gem. I've gone through bottles and bottles of this stuff