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My stash - Finger Paints

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

With the Finger Paints haul I posted about yesterday, I thought it'd be the right time to retake pictures of my Finger Paints stash to show you. It is certainly a bit bigger than what it was 2 months ago when I first brought them out of the box to take pics, lol.

First, the red family. Sally had these on sale a while back, and some are back on sale now.

First row, from L-R: Magenta Mood, Pink Crayon and Signed by the Artist.
Second row: Mixed Media Maroon, Art Appreciation Apricot, Museum of Modern Mauve and Camarel Cape.

It's always surprising to see how many shades in the red family companies could come up with. The bf would say they look the same to him, lol, but we know better, don't we?

Second batch, first row: Evergreen Dream, Snowman's Scarft and Sparkling Snow (from the holiday collection last year).
Second row: Decked with Dazzle, Icy Iris and Cobalt Cardigan.

I bought the holiday bottles just for the holiday spirit at the time lol. It's not like I didn't already have enough green, red or silver to represent Xmas, but they were too pretty. To me, it is a lot harder to resist a good colour of nail polish than a shade of eyeshadow. Gasp, I know. I used to be an eyeshadow addict. Guess I changed, lol.

And the last batch: Hue Left a Message?, Hue Rang?, Easel-y Entertained and You Hue!. What's up with "Hue" in the names, lol?

Undeniable, they are too pretty to pass up. I could have grabbed a few more from the display if I didn't manage to control myself.

It took me a while to reach out to a new brand like Finger Paints, as I used to go to Sally just for China Glaze. And I'm glad I did. It is a good brand with good range of colours, good colour payoff and wear. Do you like Finger Paints?

On another note, I won tickets to the advance screening of SATC2 tonight, how exciting, lol. My girl friend isn't available, so the bf has to fill in the spot. For our time zone, it's at 9pm (I think they wanted the screening happens at the same time across the country), not the best time but I can't complain. It is not warm here at all since yesterday, so it's gonna be a chilly night :-)


  1. I have 8 or so fingerpaints, they are nice, I find the handles kinda weird to hold, but not a big deal.

  2. Oooo I need that Pink Crayon, love a cream hot pink!

  3. I only have one finger paints so far, but I really like it. Your collection looks fantastic, you made me add a bunch of these to my wishlist! ^_^
    Have fun watching SATC2 ;)

  4. Justine, after Orly, Finger Paints' handle is not too hard for me lol

    Latinminx79, I got that Pink Crayon just because I saw a pretty swatch of it online, lol. It is a serious hot pink

    chocaddict, do you get Finger Paints where you live or it has to be through swaps? And thanks :)

  5. I have to get them through swaps only, if I remember well I read somewhere that it was a Sally-owned brand, and since we don't have Sally's over here...

  6. chocaddict, aww that's too bad. Orly has made it to a few etailer websites but not Finger Paints. Swapping the best way :) I can't swap atm, but if you need anything CP'ed, let me know.