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Little Sally haul

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

I was very late going to Sally this month. I wanted the new Finger Paints at the end of April while the B2G1F sale was still on, but my Sally didn't want to put them out until May 1. Then I had to wait for my 15% off coupon (as I sure spent enough last month to qualify for one) which was sent to me late, so I didn't go until last Sunday.

The display was missing a few shades, so I skimmed through quickly and picked these 3.

From L-R: Finger Paints Hue Left a Message?, Hue Rang? and Easel-y Entertained (CAD4.99 each, before the 15% discount). And with that, I was supposed to get a summery colourful clutch as GWP but they were all out of it, so sad. They gave me this Kimberly clutch that was the promo clutch for Coloresse purchases.

The very last bottle on the right is Pink Crayon from the discounted bunch. Sally in the US had some Finger Paints on clearance for $1.99, but in Canada, they were CAD2.79.

So the rule of thumb with Sally is to go there as soon as you can at the beginning of the month. Stock would be the best then, and any GWP promos like this one with Finger Paints would still be available.


  1. Yeah, you gotta be lucky if you go near the end of the month. Nowadays, I'm hitting it second weekend. I'm finding my Sally doesn't get stuff in first weekend, so second weekend it is. Bleh, they really gotta do a better stocking job.

  2. Good to know. I've only been to the Sally Beauty Supply downtown once, and the salespeople kind of followed me and watched me very closely. (Maybe they've had problems with people stealing? It is right downtown on a very busy street...still...) I generally get my China Glaze colors from the various etailers; but sometimes I really want to see a color in person before I purchase.

    I'll have to check them out in June, see if I can figure their schedule out. And see if I can't figure out what it is about me that sets of their weird-o-meter.

    - LiAnn - Sparklecrack Central

  3. Perry, totally agree with you.

    LiAnn, ChG is certainly cheaper at etailers, but for us, int' shipping is the issue, so we still have to get them at Sally. Check Sally's flyer online on June 1, then plan your trip, lol. And it sucks to have a "follower" in store, I know.