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NOTD: NYC Big Money

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

So I went to see SATC last night. I was there half an hour before the show and the line was ridiculously long. Good thing we found seats up top, as I certainly didn't want to sit close in the front.

The movie was entertaining, better than I thought it would be, lol. The bf said he enjoyed it too, surprisingly. It was long though (almost 2.5 hours) and I was exhausted coming home almost midnight.

Anyway, I thought this NOTD would fit the occasion: NYC Big Money :) As you can see, it's the old packaging that was cleared out a year or two ago. I didn't even remember I had this colour until I brought the stash out to take pics, lol. I own only 1 shade with the new bottle design, haven't tried it, so I can't compare, but I do like the coverage and wear of this formula.

It's a cute green, not too in-your-face kind of colour. I would just wear it like that if it wasn't a week day mani, lol. As you see in this second pic, I mattified the shade with China Glaze Matte Magic.

The colour dulled down a little, so eventhough it's suitable for work, I don't love it as much as the orgininal finish.

It is sunny (well, on and off) today. It hasn't been warm around here since Tuesday, so the sun is always welcome. Hoping that'd keep me awake :) Have a great day, everyone!


  1. Ooooh that colour is lovely.
    I'm so looking forward to the SATC movie!!

  2. Ahhh,I really want to see SATC2, I can't waitttttt, but I probably won't go for a while because I hate crowded movie theatres, and I don't have anyone to go with! :(

    The NOTD is very fitting for the ocassion!

  3. OMG!! i soooo love the color :)

  4. OMG... I have that same polish lol.. I love the name, not so much the color though, shimmers aren't my thing.

  5. I actually like how it looks matte in the pics, but maybe the reverse is true in real life :) Lol so the bf was willing to come along with you? That was nice of him!

  6. samwells87, thanks hun. Hope you enjoy the movie

    Arezu, I hear you about holding off to avoid the crowd :)

    Sara H, thanks. It is quite a different green

    lipton TEE, aww you don't like shimmers?

    S, you know me, I don't prefer matte unless it's Orly lol. Yes, he sacrificed :)