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Weekend finds

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Last weekend was totally fun for shopping. I managed to restrain myself despite the good sales.

From Superstore's tax-free event, I got:
- Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Blue Streak (CAD2.94). Certain shades of Insta-Dri were on clearance, don't know why.
- Joe Butter, Mint and Ink polish (3 for CAD10). They are very tiny, as expected. Stocks weren't that great, and I couldn't find Peacock. That Mint bottle was the last one on the shelf too.
- L'Oreal Color of Hope polish (on clearance for CAD1.27).

We are up for a 2% increase in tax pretty soon, so tax-free days would be greatly appreciated. Love Superstore!

Lawtons has BOGO deals starting Saturday, so I got a few things. The stuff rung in 50% off, so I didn't have to buy 2 items to get the deal.

- Physicians Formula Organic Wear mascara in Ultra Black Organics (CAD7.89). The packaging was cute, and it was a bonus pack (2 for 1), so it was cheap.
- Sinful Colors Rich in Heart and Daddy's Girl polish (CAD1.99 each). Lawtons only has the regular shades, no LE collections, so I'm still missing out on new shades.
- Milani Totally Cool and Pink Out Loud polish CAD2.49 each). Totally Cool is probably the most popular shade from Milani regular line, I couldn't miss it. Pink Out Loud is supposed to be a dupe of China Glaze Strawberry Field, so I was curious.
- Milani Lip Mixer in Lip Party and Lip Fuse (CAD3.49 a piece).
- Milani Perfect Red Lipstick (CAD2.99).

I did well, didn't I? Didn't break the bank on this haul :-) I'm saving up for the LA trip, we'll see how that goes, lol.


  1. You know, now that it's kinda hard to get Joe polishes, I'm totally lemming them. Hahaha.

  2. Perry, it might be the brand's tactic, lol. Hope your store will restock them soon

  3. how's the pigmentation on the Joe Fresh polishes? they look cute.

  4. I can't wait to see swatches of Mint! It looks gorgeous!

  5. Justine, I'll do a NOTD with Joe soon. Stay tuned.

    Gaby, soon hun :-) Mint is such a hit colour with every brand this spring.