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My stash - Nicole by OPI

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Nicole by OPI is a fun brand for its bottle shape. It does make holding the bottle for NOTD pictures a little awkward, but I don't mind. They do take up a bit more space in storage and don't stand up as well as other bottle designs.

I don't own many Nicole bottles, mostly because of the price (CAD10 a pop, more or less). All bottles you see here were bought in clearance for around CAD4 each.

From L-R: Faux Fur (Holiday 2009 collection), It's Gold Outside, Winter Glitterland (Holiday 2009 collection) and Let's Get Star-ted (Winter 2009 collection).

I am still eyeing some more bottles of glitters and multi-coloured hearts from this brand, but might just look for cheaper alternatives - NYX Girls or something.

And here are the darks, collected from different stores during my craving for blackened colours.

From L-R: Turn Out the Light, Blues in the Night, Shimmy Shimmer, Black to the Future, Black Cat-cha Later and Party at 3am.

I still haven't had a chance to swatch these shades yet, so can't have a verdict whether the coloured-glitters would show through the black base or not.

Hope you enjoy this stash post. It was snowing around here yesterday way into early this morning. People said we can't tell winter is over until we see April snow, lol. So we did.

Have a lovely day, everyone!


  1. AH! You have Black to the Future, and Party at 3am. XD
    They look GORGEOUS in the bottle so I was going to pick them up at Winners when I saw them. It was a 2 pack for 8 dollars.
    I get to the cash, and one box doesn't have a price. So she calls the manager. Manger goes, "Why did you put them in the box? These are sold individually!" Basically she said it in an accusing tone, making me out to be a thief. Didn't appreciate so I retaliated by her rudeness with my own rudeness, and pointed out that the other box HAD a price on it. She didn't say anything for a few seconds, then says she can sell that one, and not the others cause it was a mistake.
    Anyway the whole event left a bad taste, and I refuse to go to that Winners now. Sucks cause its a good one.
    Then I was at SDM a few weeks back, and there was a pile for $4 clearance. So I look through and ooooh they are there again. So I pick that up, with Purple Heart, and check out. Cashier tells me this insane total. When I pointed it out that they were in the pile, and LOTS of them, she goes, that was a mistake, these are sold at $9. So I told her then go correct it cause that is stupid. but the kicker is that I roamed around a bit, and watched her, she pretended to put it back on the shelf with the rest of the OPI, and then threw it back in the pile cause shes a lazy piece of crap.
    that is my story on those two colours. NOPI were just not meant to be with me.

    but HURRAY for the next stash collection~

  2. Omg, StBF went nuts looking for Let's get Star-ted. And when she finally found it, it was full price so she wouldn't get it. So lucky you got it on sale.

  3. Omg, you missed them twice because of people's ignorance? Sorry hun. I know that Winners used to have the duo for $10 or something. Now they sold them individually for $6 :-) Don't blame you to boycott that store.

    Perry, I can't justify these full price either :-)