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My stash - Gosh

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

How's everyone today? I'm coming down with a cold, not a very exciting weekend, is it? :-)

This is my little stash of Gosh nail polish. I didn't start hauling their polish until I realized they were only CAD6 a bottle. They used to be a round CAD13, so I didn't come anywhere near them before. Then some old collections were cleared out at half price (CAD3), so here's what I have been collection.

From L-R: Bright Passion, Black Passion, Purple Heart, Gasoline, Ocean, Golden Dragon and Blue Monday.

I'm so sad to miss out on Gosh Rainbow and Holographic, as they were around before I noticed the brand. Don't understand why they don't make them part of permanent line, as they are among the most awesome Gosh polish colours. Can't wait for another 40% off sale on Gosh products at Shoppers, so I can get a few more products.

Talking about Gosh, I am contemplating a giveaway with some fun products from the brand. Are you ladies interested?

Sad that the weather is back to grey/ not sunny today. I'm off to take some meds, see you all later.


  1. I freaking love GOSH polishes. But yeah, it's too bad that their nail polish doesn't seem to get any love. Or more like, they don't give their nail polish any love. And their site sucks as far as info goes. They don't even bother to answer emails.

  2. I LOVE GOSH :) I am still a GOSH virgin when it comes to their polishes though :) I know we have tweeted about them last week LOL this miss needs to get her behind to Shoppers! :)

    Lovely stash...I need the 3rd bottle from the left in my's gorgeous!

  3. Perry, I do too, lol. The brand does need some PR work in Canada, considering how good the products are :-)

    Macbella, Gosh has some great polish colours you gotta try. Purple Heart is one of the most popular shades people talk about with Gosh polish, so you'd be "in the zone", lol

  4. I didn't know we did have Rainbow.
    I know that I did check out the displays, and I didn't remember seeing them...
    but it would be nice if it did come back :(
    been wanting flakies for ever, since seeing nubar! lol

  5. rasilla, yes, a friend told me she bought Rainbow, so I know we had it at some point in the past :-) Gosh didn't pay enough attention to their nail polish in Canada, so I don't know whether they'll repromote any shade.

    I found Nubar too expensive, prob will look for flakies in other brands. SH Salon Complete comes out with one, can't wait