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Claire's haul

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

If you haven't seen my tweet already, Claire's started their 10 for $10 sale again on Thursday. This post is more to let you know what the sale offers, as stocks vary so much with each sale, and vary among stores. If you have had enough of Claire's posts, please feel free to skip this post :-)

I actually went to 2 different Claire's, just to see whether they put out different stuff. And they did, to some extent. What you see here is what I bought from the first store I went to, then I'll note what else I saw at the second store.

The nail polish: They had a different set of mini polishes out for 75% off this time. I am thinking to use them in the loot bags for Squirt's birthday party :-)

The full sized bottles, first row, from L-R: Joker (another 3 layered bottle), Matte Grey (white-ish grey), Matte Cobalt (very dark navy, almost black), Clean Slate (metallic dark silver) and MAGIC. Yes, MAGIC! I was so excited to find it, just as excited as I was to find Dream Catcher last time. Both these shades were released quite a while ago and have been very sought after. I am so lucky to be able to find them, and to pay $1 for them. Love Claire's - I believe I said so the last time too, lol.

The second store still had lots of shades that I bought in the last 10 for $10 sale, surpringly. I'd be sticking with the first store for future sales, I think :-)

The second row are some Hello Kitty and Princess polishes (without names) for Squirt. I didn't even notice before that Claire's had these but was happy to grab a few.

Lots of hats, scarves, belts and tights were part of the sale as well. In this picture is a beautiful purple scarf, a pair of silver camo print tights and 3 capri tights with laces.

At the second store, I found more gorgeous scarves on the CAD1 shelf (normally sold for CAD12-20), so I did get some more, and 2 belts :-)

This is way better than shopping at the Dollarama, as Claire's products are great. Can't deny that 10 for $10 is a great sale. And remember, after 10 items, you pay $1 each extra items, i.e. you only have to buy at least 10's but don't have to try to make it to multiples of 10's.

And a note: Don't forget to check around the cash area when you're done with the $1 corner, as there are sometimes 75% off items laying around there.

We found this cute Hello Kitty alarm clock for CAD4 something, Squirt was totally all over it. The clock face is covered in pink glitters, of course she was :-) She now loves Claire's as much as I do. Win win situation eh?

Also note that the second part of this sale is items originally over CAD11.50 on the sale rack (which are not going to be 10 for $10) would be extra 50% off the last sale price - which is the case of the mini set above. There were hand bags, more expensive jewelry, hair stuff, etc. Claire's is just a fun little place everytime this sale happens :-)

I am still anxiously waiting for my first online order of nail polish to arrive. They are the shades that aren't available in stores around here, so it was worth it. Then I'll try to enjoy the bottles in my possession before buying anymore. You're with me?


  1. Awesome haul, I love the clock to hehe. Wish our Claire's had this sort of stuff. =)

  2. Omg, that clock is cuuuute. I can't believe I forgot to check claire's when I was at the mall yesterday. I really want one of those little hats that they have for the Alice in Wonderland collection.

  3. Redz2486, does Claire's have good sales where you live?

    Perry, the clock was a surprised find :-) I don't know whether the Alice collection is on sale, but yeah it's worth a look

  4. You got some nice things! I'm fascinated by that layered only comes out one colour tho right?

  5. S, yeah, normally the first layer would show up on the nails, unless you shake and mix all 3 layers together like I did with another one of Claire's 3-layered polish, lol