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Claire's haul

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

I confess I have been spying Claire's lately. Spotted a 50% off rack of nail polishes last time I was in the store (i.e. CAD2.49/ bottle), I was itching for a 10 for $10 sale. If you notice the price tags on the items in the $1 bins, they are normally previously discounted. I waited and waited.

Friday was the day they brought out the familiar white and pink sign at the front of the store, and I was there to raid the shelves, lol.

Let's start with this first batch. The 6-bottle mini pack was 75% off (CAD3.49), lying around near the cashier. I couldn't help it :-) The only complaint with the mini packs is that the colours aren't named. If I end up liking any of them, I wouldn't know what to call it, lol.

Other 3 items were $1 each. The "international" pack has 4 square bottles, larger than those in the mini pack. The zebra print cosmetic bag was cute, and the little pink compact with 9 mini shadows and 2 powder was at Squirt's request. She wanted to learn about makeup. She's certainly too young to put on makeup, but not too young to learn about it. Maybe some mother - daughter fun time. Early education, I guess :-)

Some silly pieces of bling. The 2 necklaces were 50% off before the sale, then 50% extra now, only cost me CAD3 a piece (reg. CAD12). The first one has all the gold-like roses linked together, and the other has gold and silver-like leaves also connected to each other. I don't think I have necklaces like these yet, so why not for the price, right?

I also picked up an extra long necklace with colourful plastic beads from the $1 bin. I think I'll wear it double stranded, cause it's really long on me, but quite fun. I'm dorky sometimes, like silly things like this :-)

On to the exciting part: what I found at the polish rack :-) With previous "10 for $10", I normally found regular old colours that got kicked off the shelf at the begining of a new lauch. This time, they cleared out the shelves big time for new spring/ summer colours, which explained my extreme lucky finds.

First group, from L-R: Starstruck (multi-coloured stars in clear jelly base), Chunky Silver, Chunky Green, Hollywood (silver with micro white glitters) and Ocean Breeze (3 layers of mint, pink and baby blue).

The chunkies were quite popular not so long ago. Remember how excited I was to get Chunky Gold last time for $1? Now I have 3 chunkies :-)

3-layered bottles always spark the question of what they really look like on the nails compared to the bottle colours, also bring the burning desire to shake them up, despite the little sticker that said don't, lol.

And I save the best for last.

First row: Dreamsicle (muted peach), DREAM CATCHER (the famous dupe of Channel Jade), Platinum (silver foil) and 14 Karats (brownish antique gold). Dream Catcher is finally be mine with the best price tag that Claire's could ever give anybody, $1. I grabbed the last 2 bottles, yes!!!

Second row: 2 special bottles of black and rosy pink (no names) with glitter containers attached on top of the caps. Instructions say to paint the nails, then sprinkle the glittery particles (stars/ hearts) on top. 2-in-1 fun, at least it's easier than fishing for them in the jelly base like regular bottles. And the last bottle on the right is Green Matte, one of the very few shades of matte finish that Claire's has.

I can't wait to try them out, don't know how long it'd take me, lol.


  1. Nice haul, patience defintely does pay cause you got some good deals!

    I was eyeing necklaces like that you bought at Claires the other day, I should go check out my store!

    I'm sure I mentioned this before, but everytime I come to your blog, you make me want to go out and find out all these amazing deals that you always find!

  2. Great haul! Those 3 layer ones intrigue me but I haven't ever gotten one because I don't know what it will look like on. Looking forward to when you use that one...or if you've used those kind in the past what was the results like?

  3. Oh darnit, I didn't look for Chunky green last time I was at Claire's. But I did get the Fame soundtrack for $1. Lol.

  4. Arezu, yes I waited so long for this sale, lol. Hope you could find the necklace. I can't help it when I found good sales:-)

    FoundProdigalDaughter, thanks hun. I'll have NOTD coming up soon for that one. Generally, the top colour would be the one shows up on the nails (I honestly don't know why the other 2 colours don't show)

    Perry, it's not too late to check your Claire's :-) Like Fame, don't you?