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Winners finds

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Last time Winners had the "Final Clearance" sale where lots of stuff have those pretty red tags on, I got a few things.

Korres Little Natural Products travel set, CAD8 (originally CAD12.99) with 50ml bottles of:
- Vanilla Cinnamon shower gel
- Vanilla Cinnamon moisturizing body milk
- Basil Lemon shower gel
- Aloe & Soapwort shampoo and
- Achillea conditioner.

Orly Glitz, CAD3 (org. CAD5.99)

Simple Pleasures 7-piece lip balm set, CAD3 (org. CAD6.99)

Baby Phat 2-pack tights with cosmetic case, CAD8 (org. CAD12.99).

Nothing exciting, and no makeup, as their shelf was almost empty at the time, a few elf sets and old makeup items that I had no intention to buy.

And this is what I got last weekend. This Borghese hand care set was CAD16 (org. CAD29.99), came with:
- Delicato Exoliating Cleanser
- Radiante Brightening Hand Cream
- Finale Fast Set Nail Spray
- Maximo Nail Growth Treatment
- Rejuvenata Cuticle Oil, and
- A small crystal nail file.

The items are of good size, with the clearance price, I don't mind giving them a try.

Another set that I saw in store came with a nail polish and some cuticle/ callus remover products, on sale for CAD23 (org. CAD29.99), just in case some of you are looking.

Now the highlight of the trip: Dollhouse's Hugo Cuffed Angkle Boots. I don't own anything like this.

Lovely fold-over cuffs, nice zipper details, pattern on the sole bottome, fun heels, etc. They are a bit higher than what I'm normally comfortable with, but they look lovely on :-)

The thing is: I paid CAD50 at Winners, and Dollhouse has them online for $28.99 at the moment (org. $60). Winners normally has great prices, but not this case :-(

The navy colour is gone (no sizes left) but the site does have the red ones in my size. What to do, ladies, what to do? Shipping to Canada is unfortunately $16 while within US is $6. Do you think they are worth the trouble? I suck when it comes to clothes and shoes, so fashionistas, help me out! If you think they're ridiculous, tell me now, lol.

1 question: Are Dollhouse shoes of good quality? There are quite a few funky styles on their site that I like too, but I'm thinking they might not be too practical, lol.


  1. You've got some great finds there! I need to hit up Winners more often. I've only managed to score beauty related things a couple of times.

  2. Winners always carry great stuff (=

  3. Great finds at Winners! I've never bought beauty products but usually buy my shoes there. I really like those blue booties - Dollhouse has some really great shoes and I know a friend who has a few pairs and have lasted a while. I think u should keep the blue ones - so hot for Spring! Plus, if you're like me I hate returning things and then having to wait for things to ship.

  4. I can only ever do winners when I've just eaten. If I go before I eat, I just feel drained and totally don't feel like going through the racks. Those shoes... I like, but I think I prefer red.

  5. Nice finds! I never seem to get good stuff at Winners - I probably don't go often enough or soon enough :/

    Love the shoes you got! I haven't tried that brand though so I can't say. Lol its up to you if you want to save that extra. Hmm would Winners price match?

  6. So Very Fabulous, thanks hun. Winners is right there where my bus terminal is, so when I have a few minutes, I stop by :-)

    Gaby, Winners is hit and miss depending on whether they have new stock in, as the beauty stuff goes very fast

    J, beauty products at Winners are sometimes surprise finds, I love it. Great to know your friend had a great pair :-)

    Perry, not a bad idea going in there with full stomach, as you never know how long you'd need to browse through their stuff :-)

    S, it's probably hard to price match with a web site :-) It's so hard when I know they could be cheaper somewhere else, lol