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NOTD: Sally Hansen Jumpin' Jade

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Happy St. Patty's Day, everyone. I don't really celebrate it, but I'm pulling a green NOTD anyway. It's fun and suits the occasion, and that's all that matters.

This is Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Jumpin' Jade, a gorgeous deep green that I forgot I had. And believe it or not, this is ONE coat. I'm so amazed at how opaque it is and didn't want to add another layer, as I love it just like this.

No need to say much about the brush, as you all know by now that Insta-Dri line has wide brushes with tapered head which make application so much easier. I should wear more Insta-Dri :-)

Are you sporting a green nail polish or eyeshadow today? Hope to hear how you guys enjoy the day. I'm taking a day off so we can go to loonie matinee with Squirt. I think we'll do 2 movies back to back, and then mini golf - glow in the dark fun.


  1. ooh i love the green! Man I wish could wear nailpolish to work...didn't wear anything green today actually.

  2. Ahhh mini golf glow in the dark is soo much fun! Hope you had fun! Today, I wore "For Audrey" by CG...which turned out to be more green than I I didn't wear anything green except for the polish lol

  3. Perry, that sucked.

    S, I had a day off, but no specific rule at work, so I can sneak in a bold mani if I really want too :-)

    Ms. Naz, yep, it was Squirt's fav game. We had fun :-) For Audrey is a great colour to spot, green or not, lol