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Icing haul

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Courtesy of the bf, on Tuesday night we went to the mall for some browsing (as I decided to take Wednesday off to spend time with Squirt for March break). We happened to pick a place to eat that was near Icing (the only store in this city), so of course I went in for a quick look.

If you are familiar with Icing sale, they normally have 5 for $10 clearance for items under CAD17 orginally or CAD5 for anything over CAD17. It's not as good as Claire's 10 for $10 (for items under CAD11.50), especially with nail polish, but Icing does have some better quality accessories.

There were about 5-6 polish colours in the 5 for $10 section, but I only picked 2: Manic Monday and Putty Concrete. I figured I got enough bright colours from Claire's, so I should get something different this time :-)

And the LE mini pack! I never saw these on clearance before, and there were 3 combos this time, CAD5 each (org. CAD18, I think). I picked the blacks with coloured glitters - from L-R: purple, blue, teal, orange and gold glitters in black base. No specific names, as with all their mini packs. I read on nail blogs that these are substitues to the Milani halloween blacks, so I'm excited to be able to get them for cheap.

Also quite surprisingly, Icing had quite a bit of makeup collection that I didn't notice before - from pigments to shadow pencils, etc., also on clearance.

For accessories, CAD2 each, I picked up:
- a silver necklace with chunky circles all connected somehow
-a glossy pair of earrings which are white but reflect the flash somehow to look brown in the pic
- a flowery patterned name card case, and
- 2 rings.

I'm not big on rings, just because I can hardly find ones that fit my fingers :-) The smallest ring size at Claire's and Icing (similar to everywhere else) is 6, and that would fit my index finger or thumb, lol. So the only chance I buy a ring there is when it looks good on my index finger, or it is adjustable.

Here they are on my hand, just so you can see them better.

The one on my thumb is dark grey, square and reflective, could pair up with a LBD.

The one that says "Love" is gold-like, double-finger ring (i.e. it stretches over the top of 2 fingers and has 2 ring circles instead of 1 as regular rings). I think F21 is known for having this kind of rings, but I don't have a store here, so I make due with an Icing ring :-)

Do you have more Icing stores than Claire's where you live? I wish they open more, as you know I love checking out their clearance sale. And they do have some good polish colours too :-) Have a nice day, ladies!


  1. is there an icing store in halifax? i've been to the one in dartmouth crossing, but am rarely over the bridge ... and i find they have cuter stuff than claire's.

  2. Hi!

    I rarely buy anything full price at Icing or Claire's - I have bought things for $16 bucks, only to pop in the next month and the very same item is 10 for $10 or 5 for $10 - THAT drives me nutz

    I bought a beautiful pair of earrings 2 summers ago or $1.00 ( 10 for $10 ) and they are on the shelves now for $13.00 - - - WTF!!!!

    I have found and bought alot of the same nail polish bargains recently - NP is not a popular item in my town, and they are stocked up on them, I will be lurking and waiting till they end up at $5.00 for the 5 packs ( I have also found the little square 5 packs to be $2.00 every once and a while. - I almost bought the glitter black jellys for full price - thank gosh I did not!!!

  3. I don't have a single Icings here in Calgary. I am sad marmot. Manic Monday is LOVE.

  4. Latinminx, thank hun. It's fun to wear.

    Michelle, no Halifax doesn't have an Icing store. Dartmouth Crossing was the one I went. They do have cool stuff :-)

    Deez, exactly. That was why I spy so much on Claire's sale. Icing is a bit out of the way for me, so I'd get a few things if they are on sale when I'm there :-) Original price is bizarre, lol

    Perry, aww, that's sad. Do you have Claire's?