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Calypso Minerals - Update II

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

As you probably remember, I posted about my sad Calypso Minerals disaster back in January, followed by an Update stating that I didn't think there was any other option for me to get my money back. Recently, I received a few new comments asking for further updates on the matter, so I thought I should do a post on it.

On January 23, Jenn posted an update on her blog which was the only place that people could be in contact with her - as she didn't reply to emails anymore. Basically she said she set up an email address for people to email her with their order info, and she had extra people to help her to ship stuff out, to make things right for people that she still owed the products from. And that she was sorry.

My first reaction was the information she asked for should be in her business book anyway when people placed their orders, but anyway, at least it was an effort from her part to fix the situation. People left lots of angry comments on her post, threatened to sue her and all that stuff, so she turned off the comment option on the blog. Since then, I had no way to communicate with other people who were in the same situation as me or to know whether any of them has received what she promised to deliver.

I thought if she meant to scam, she wouldn't bother to make this last effort, so I trusted her once more. And she promised 2 weeks.

Today is March 19, and I haven't seen anything, no email reply, no product, not even a dime, from her, sadly. I don't understand this at all. If you want to scam me, you already did. Why raised my hope about being able to get my hard earned money back, and then left me feel like I was scammed all over again???

This has been a bad bad experience, with extreme bitter after taste. To the ladies that commented on my post, I'm so sorry that there wasn't any good news at the end of the tunnel for this one. I believe we are not the only victims but there is not much we can do at this point.


  1. I sure hope you get your money back at least. I had a problem with a supplier in the same way. Nothing worse than losing one's trust.. It doesn't matter if you are customer or the business. Good customer service is becoming a lost art sadly.
    Once it was when you had a issue with a business you told your friends and family, now you tell the world.

  2. That sucks so much. Gah, sometimes you wanna have faith in people and it's always such a disappointment when they let you down.

  3. Kim, I don't have hope anymore about that. Sorry you had similar issue too.

    Perry, yeah, this makes it harder to trust people, but I don't lose faith :-)

  4. Exact same thing happened to me. It seems Jen is totally unreachable; she's blocked anyone from adding or messaging her on facebook, all contacts are just gone.

    I wonder if it's been a scam right from the start; getting free advertising by sending actual product to youtube gurus and just waiting for the company to be so popular she can just take the money and run. guess nobody will ever know.

  5. Hi Roo, so sad to hear you are a victim too. Lots of small companies started out that way (promoting through gurus), but they don't end up this way. Sadlyl we were stuck with no answer.