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NOTD: WetnWild Inferno

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Well, it's Monday again. It was a sad weekend, cause I was sick and didn't get to do much, except for being overloaded with DQ blizzards - 3 medium in 5 days, lol.

To make up for being sick and bored, I went bold on the nails with WetnWild Inferno (from the Craze collection), ruffian with WetnWild Goldmine as base/moon colour and Maybelline Colorama flakies on top.

Inferno is an reddish orange, very bright and summer-y. Goldmine is a light gold shade which was too close to my skintone, which makes it almost invisible on the nails, being a ruffian shade.

Application was great, as usual with this collection. When pulling out the WetnWild bottles for this mani, I realized that they are 11ml, almost twice as big as the Joe bottles (6ml) while I originally thought they were the same size. So, Joe might have to reconsider their price point or add more colours to the range to be competitive, I have to say.


  1. Oh my goodness, I need. Love the hotness & the glitter to it. x

  2. VampiressDoll, your comment reminded me that I left out very important info: I did add flakies on top of the polish (how forgetful am I?). Inferno itself does have some shimmer but not glitters

  3. Btw, how you feeling now? better?

  4. See! I'm gonna continue to bitch about Joe's prices.

  5. Perry, thanks for asking hun. I'm still not well, but have to go to work and time goes on :-) Hope Joe reads my blog, lol

  6. Very pretty. I've had this shades for months and haven't used it yet. I need to pull it out!

  7. Mz. More, thanks girl. I just pull these out from the forgotten pile myself, lol