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Quo haul

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Omg guys, I have the best luck with my little Shoppers. This one is closer to my place, has a cosmetics section without the high end brands (so it isn't called a Beauty Boutique). And they were having all Quo holiday products on clearance for 75% off.

Let's get right to it to see what I found.
There wasn't any brush set left unfortunately (with this sale, it would have been CAD15, imagine that!), so I picked up:
- 2 Diamond lipsticks (CAD3.75 each)
- a High Voltage Shimmer Eye shadow collection (CAD4.50), and
- a In the Club Light Up Lip gloss collection (CAD5).

Please don't hate me for telling you the price, as I still can't believe it myself. I can't remember the last time I saw Quo products at 75% off.

Here's what the lipsticks look like out of the clear plastic boxes. Love the studded jewels all over the packaging, very festive and different. Feel luxurious, lol.

I got both shades that were available from the collection, Solitaire (left, a pinkish plum), and Pave (right, a muted pink).

I swatched the testers and couldn't decide on one, so both came home with me. Pave looked better on my hand, but my lips are pigmented, so Solitaire might show up better. Hard decision, you see?

Here's what came in the High Voltage Shimmer Eye shadow collection:
- 3 high shine metallic eye shimmers (no individual names)
- an eye primer mini tube, and
- a small brush - a little small but cute.

The red paper sleeve with fun patterns slides in and out the square paper box, with clear plastic surface to hold the products in place. Pretty neat looking, I liked it. The shimmer is quite intense in the jars, especially the silver shade on the right.

The lipglosses hid a little surprise, as I didn't notice the word "Light Up" on the label. The tubes have a little mirror attached at the back, and yes, you guess it, the caps light up when you untwist them to open.

The 2 shades are Studio 54 (top, a brownish peach) and Le Cirque (bottom, a magenta pink). I suck at describing the colours, but I guess you might have seen these in Shoppers already.

It worked out CAD2.50 a tube, even cheaper than the lipsticks. Fun!

So that was it from the holiday collection. I had some other lemming items but they were gone by the time I walked in.

The clearance corner also had a few other Quo items at 75% off. I grabbed:
- a Cashmere Brows crayon in Blonde (CAD3.25). I realized when I got home that this was a brow pencil, not highlight pencil for under brow bones. Now I don't know what to do with this, as I'm not blonde, lol.
- a Cooling Gel Shadow pencil in Snow Drift (CAD3.50) - finally own this.
- a Cream Shimmer liner in Purple Rain (CAD3.75), looks gorgeous, and
- a Swirl Gloss in Heavenly Hash (CAD3.75) - so pretty in the tube, don't you think?

Also got a Cherry Blossom bath crystal jar with a mesh sponge attached for CAD2.29 (probably also 75% off). This would motivate me to slow down to enjoy a bath instead of quick showers in a rush.

The staff at the cosmetics counter told me only this store has this crazy discount, as she was looking for the brush set herself and other stores had them 50% off only. So definitely check out your Shoppers to see which one is a gem of 75% discount. Even 50% is still a better deal than the 40% I saw for weeks after Christmas.

This haul got me thinking. Quo is a Canada exclusive brand, so it might be fun to do a giveaway (maybe when I get to 200 subscribers), as I feel bad having all these goodies for myself. I might throw in some Gosh as well, one of the hard-to-find brands outside UK and Canada. Are you guys interested at all? As what's the point doing a giveaway if no one wants my prize, lol.

Let me know what you think. I leave the makeup unswatched for now. Cheers!


  1. Um, yes we are interested :) You're so close to 200!
    The blonde brow pencil wouldn't work for me, either, being brunette, but I was thinking that would be a nice little giveaway item as well.

  2. wow these are cool!!!! Great haul!!!

  3. Awesome Haul! You got a great discount. I can never imagine Quo on sale for 75% off.

  4. Lucky you!! The Quo products at my nearest Shoppers always sell out before they can go on clearance. lol

  5. Of course we're interested, this stuff looks AWESOME! :D

  6. I've never tried any Quo products...

  7. That is a fantastic haul! I love reading about the Canadian brands on your blog.

    And, I nominated you for the Best Blog Award!!

  8. Ive been to a few, and yeah, we only get 50% in my part of the city. How is the light up gloss this year? I got two last year, but they were TOO (chunky) glittery on the lips :T but did kinda like the idea of the lights~

    How is the lippie? I wanted to swatch them on the testers...but they were sooo swatched that it looked dirty...and I just couldn't get myself to go over to the side to get alcohol and swab it or something (or at least wipe it down with with something). But the colours looked pretty~

  9. Emily B, yes I was thinking the same thing

    Latinminx79, thanks hon

    Zerin, I know right? 75% is crazy

    emily, your Shoppers must be a big one. I heard lots of stores would send the seasonal stuff away to other small stores instead of putting them on clearance

    Ms. Jenn, I was lucky :-)

    makeupper, you got the second vote, lol

    Gaby, I love supporting a Canadian brand :-) Check them out.

    Euridice, thanks so much for the award.

    rasilla, yeah, that's what I figured. I like the light up feature on the glosses but haven't swatched them (thinking I might save them for a giveaway - which I don't know anybody will be interested) :-)

  10. Hi! Which Shoppers had the 75% off? (I live in the Dart/Hfx area too)

  11. Mikella, it's the one at Mumford/ West End mall. Way at the back of the cosmetics isle. Good luck!