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NOTD: Orly Glam Rock

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

"My very first..." Orly, and it's matte. Yay!

This is Orly Glam Rock, from the Metal Chic collection. I am missing one colour from this collection but very happy about the 2 I got with the Boxing Week haul II.

My first experience with a matte polish, I kinda like it. First, the colour does have a lot to do with that. Second, it applies easily and dries up so quickly (which means no smudging/ denting). 2 coats give you perfect opacity. And third, no top coat needed, so it is a quick application, just great when you are in a rush.

Thursday night, the bf commented that the matte finish made the polish look a little boring, lol. Didn't want to change this colour for the weekend yet, so I added a bit of China Glaze Cleopatra to the tips - like I normally do. All the lovely bright colours have to wait until next weekend :-)

It was freezing yesterday around here (I'm talking -26 with windchill), and it's probably the same for the weekend. Hate going outside but I'll have to. Stay warm you guys!


  1. looks great on you!I have to try it myself once

  2. KONADomania, thanks so much. It means a lot when the compliment comes from you :-)