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Boxing Week haul II

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Part II of my Boxing Week haul is equally exciting, at least to me, lol. I went to Sally 2 days ago to renew my card. The deal is I would get a $5 coupon to use the next month when renewing my card, plus if I renew it within the month that it expires, I get another $5 coupon for the month after next month, so I certainly want to renew it before year end.

While I'm there to do that, I found some good buys and couldn't pass them up.

First in the pic are the 3 bottles from China Glaze Wizard of Ooh Ahz collection, from L-R: Cowardly Lyin', C-C-Courage and Good Witch?. They were the last bottles of the collection, I was so sad not seeing Dorothy Who?. I know I would miss out on this collection, considering I was away for the whole month, but still hope they have some left. Have you got yours?

The 2 bottles of goodness on the right were from Orly Metal Chic Metallic Matte collection, Glam Rock (copper/bronze with gold shimmer) and Iron Butterfly (black with silver shimmer), CAD5.99 with card. I love this collection the moment I saw it on blogs, but again had to miss out as I was going on vacation. The display only had one each left, so I got them both and am missing the gorgeous Solid Gold. Crossing my fingers that Halifax store still has some left.

There was a coupon on the shelf for a free Orly treatment with purchase of 2 Orly polishes, so I got Bonder free, valued CAD8.49. My first time getting it, can't wait to try it out.

The Enchanted Duo with prismatic top coat and Enchanted Forest polish was on sale for CAD3.99. Remember I got the Orly duos for CAD7.49 before? And the China Glaze Matte Magic was CAD1.99 (I paid CAD3.99 before), who would know they would go on sale, lol.

Also from the clearance table, I got 2 gift sets at CAD7.99 each (org. between CAD17.99 and CAD19.39).

On the left is the Mango Tango handcare kit. I heard a lot about Mango Mend before and wanted to try it out. In this set, it only comes in a trial size, but I'm happy to try other items too.

On the right is the Heel to Toe Put your Feet Up pedicure set, which is exactly what my feet need at the moment. While on vacation, my feet got so dry and rough due to uncomfy shoes and I really need to get them back in shape.

A quick stop at the mall to check out Boxing Week sale gave me these cuties.

Bath and Body Works has always been a must go store for me, as we don't have one in Halifax. There was good sale on certain body products, and after a bit of digging and sniffing, I got 4 items.

The True Blue Naked line was seasonal (only came out at Christmas time) and therefore 50% off. I got a body polish and a shea light lotion that smelled delish! The girls in store said that this line was their favorite :-)

I also got 2 tubes of body creams in Moonlight Path and Japanese Cherry Blossom, half off as well. There were tons of signature scents in those clearance bins, but I stopped myself at 2 :-) At one point in the past, BBW did have buy 3 get 3 free, but 50% off is much better, as I don't have to get 6 items at once.

Another stop was La Senza, as they had 10 for $30 deal on their undies. I always get them on Boxing week every year, as it is the best time at La Senza. Honestly, it wasn't hard at all to choose 10 pairs from them, especially there were always some surprising finds in the bins - some higher end lines did end up in there once in a while. I was a happy clam leaving the store.

Haven't heard much from you ladies on what you were getting for Boxing Week. It's New Year's Day, wishing you all the best!


  1. All I picked up were a skirt and top from Forever 21's online sale, and a projector for work... not too exciting! Though I must say your finds of the sets lately with super prices make me think I ought to go out and see what's left on the shelves.

  2. Nice haul!
    AHHHHH, I didn't know La Senza was having a 10 for $30 sale! I got to check that out!

  3. omg!
    NOOOO did you go to my Sallys?!
    I'm hoping there is one where you are w the BF's family...
    so that it wasn't the last of the wizard collection.
    Im hoping that because until you mentioned it, it hadn't occured to me that they were in stock at Sally's already!!! >_<
    and ahhh the other Orly Duo :( I got the glitter set, but couldn't get myself to get the Green Creme cause it totally wasn't my colour. But for that price...I would have jumped.

    Bah! Ah well, I'll just think of it as a money I have a lot of recuperating to do from Christmas :T

  4. Biba, lol. I tried to stop myself.

    Emily, I've been wanting to go to F21 like forever (as I don't have a store in Halifax). Haven't made it there this year.

    Arezu, it was 10 for $20 last year, they increased the price this year but still a good deal :-)

    rasilla, lol no I didn't go to your Sally. Hope you can still find the Wizard bottles. Can't believe you forgot to check them out :-) Let me know if you find any other good deals at your Sally.

  5. really nice haul! I went to La Senza this year too lol gotta love the deal ;)