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Glitters and Chromes - Part II

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

After posting about Sally's October sale, I kept calling my Sally checking on the glitters. The girls who work there don't seem to be much into China Glaze, so I couldn't get a straight answer.

Last night we went out for a quick dinner, and I stopped by the store for a quick look. And I have good news and not so good news :-)

The first good news is I found Matte Magic, woo hoo...! It is so tiny though (only 9.6ml vs the 14ml size of regular China Glaze bottles, and they are sold at same price). Can't wait to try it out, lol.

The second good news: I found 3 new bottles that I didn't have, from L-R: Metallic Muse, Dreamsicle and Glacier. The last bottle is Cleopatra, I got a backup :-) It's interesting that Sally included Dreamsicle and Glacier in the Glitters and Chromes deal (save $3 for 2 bottles), but I wouldn't argue, lol. Maybe there'll be more glitters offered at this price (CAD5 for 2).

The not so good news is there was still no sign of Atlantis around here. bu3 at A Water Colour Sky found me a bottle from her Sally, but I still can't understand why we don't get it here.

Anyway, I won't complain, cause I got a pretty good haul. How are you doing at your Sally?


  1. kk, gorgeous :P
    they just allowed it?
    I still haven't gone >_<
    need to get on it soon cuz I want to be able to go back a few times and get it w the deal lol
    its funny that you didn't have Atlantis, cause that was all we had for like 2 weeks (or at least when I went, and then when my friend went to check for me :P)

  2. The polishes were all put in the same display, so they had to allow the discount :-)

    Maybe they shipped all Atlantis to Toronto which explains why we don't have any. Just joking :-)

  3. i think i need to make my way there yet again!
    lol, i did see that matte magic at mine it was fully stocked, i swear no-one even bought one LOL! tell me how that goes :)

  4. China Glaze didn't really do much promotion on the Matte Magic, so not many people know, unless they follow some big nail blogs :-) I will report back how it works

  5. I'm ususally so annoyed at the girls who work at Sally's. They don't know anything about nail polish. So when I call to ask them to see if they have a specific collection in, they're usually like, um, no, there's nothing in, but then I'll show up the next day and like, Wizard of ooh ahz will be in.

  6. Been there, done that, lol I gave up on asking them on the phone

  7. *Nods* It's why I show up first weekend of each month.