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Sally's Oct sale

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Omg, omg... omg... Have you guys seen Sally's October flyer?

I was in Sally last night, looking for more glitters but they didn't have any on the shelf at all. On the way out, I saw they had the new flyers, so I grabbed one and found...

The best deal ever!!!: China Glaze: buy 2 get $3 off - only with the Glitters and Chromes collection, while supplies last.

This works out to be CAD2.50 per bottle (regularly they are CAD3.99 each, with Sally card) - even better than the Buy 2 get 1 free promotion we got in April.

Remember my Sally haul before? I am still looking for Atlantis and Metallic Muse, and wouldn't mind stocking up seconds of the whole collection if I could. Can any ladies who live near a Sally in Toronto please let me know whether they find the collection in store and do me a big favour of a CP (custom purchase)? I would love you forever!!! :-)

Other good deals this month:
- Orly treatment: CAD1 off
- Palladio Herbal baked eyeshadow, Femme Couture baked shadow/ bronzer: 25% off
- Free Femme Couture all over face brush or kabuki brush with purchase of Mineral Effects Loose makeup
- Nina Ultra Pro polish: CAD3.99
- Palladio polish: buy 2 get 1 free
- Pucker Ups lip balm: buy 2 get 1 free
- Nail Life treatment: CAD2 off
- Ardell Brow palette: CAD2 off
- Ardelle Heated eyelash curler: CAD3 off
- Ardelle Brow pencil duo: CAD1 off...

There are some deals on hair care products as well but I wasn't looking. So check out the flyer for some good savings and go shop right away :-) The online flyer should be up tomorrow, I believe. Let me know if you could score some great stuff.


  1. ooh, nice! I would love an Atlantis backup, but I also still need Millenium. It all depends on if the Sallys in my area have them....thanks for posting this deal!!!

    Metallic Muse....ooh, I don't have that, either!

  2. It seems lots of people have quite a hard time hunting down these glitters which is too bad. China Glaze and Sally should work out something. I hope you can find the ones you missed soon

  3. i need to make my way their and get some while it lasts! i wanted by aubrey in april but they ran out so now's my chance :D thanks for posting!

  4. Gee xo, For Audrey is a great colour to have, but it won't be part of this deal, as it's for the Glitters & Chromes collection only, unfortunately

  5. Holy cow! Atlantis is MINE! :) I'll let you know if I can find the collection in GTA Sally's, thanks for the heads up about this!

  6. Glitterati, yep, please let me know if you could find any colour. A kind blogger found me a bottle of Atlantis, but I'm still looking for Metallic Muse :-)

  7. i guess i read your comment to late :P
    haha i went today and ended up getting the silver glitter and the gold glitter, i think the second one. the metallic muse color wasn't that pretty i thought but my sister liked it so she bought it. if i see anymore next time i go i'll try to pick it up for you!