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Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

The picture pretty much says it all. Zoya's twitter promotion: You can get a BOGO deal at Zoya (works out $3/bottle) plus S&H until midnight today.

Unfortunately, this promotion is valid within US only, despite the fact that their twitter fans come from all over the world. What a shame!

I am still waiting for the day that nail polishes could be shipped freely everywhere, no border, no limit. I have missed out Zoya's Polish Exchange, and 2 twitter promotions already. Why is it so hard to be a polish addict?

This code was given on twitter by elf, and I don't see any fine prints, so I gues it's valid worldwide.

I don't know whether it works with the Studio Line shadows though.

Have fun!


  1. Thanks for the heads-up about those good sales. It's a bummer that liquids like nail polish and fragrance have to ship via ground, but I understand it's for the safety of the plane crews. High volumes of flammable materials while flying is not good for anybody, right? If a plane was carrying a bunch of nail polishes and alcohol-based perfumes up in the air and they suddenly combusted due to the altitude...yikes!

    It makes me sad that I can't offer some of my giveaways to you ladies because they contain perfume, but again, I understand that things like this have to ship via ground only. :(

    Anyway, maybe Zoya and all the other companies you like will get Canadian distribution soon. Keeping my fingers crossed for you. :)

    PS: When are you going to add a blog roll to your blog? Would love to see a list of all the blogs you read! xo

  2. I just posted my Hard Candy review (not really a review but pics from inside Walmart). And also pics of the items I purchased. :) xo

  3. Hey R, I understand where you (or the companies) come from. But yeah, there're options, like ground shipping or a local wearhouse/ distributor, etc. Twitter has no boundary, and it hurts to think a twitter offer is only for US.

    I follow too many blogs, don't know how to fit them all in a blog roll without cramping my side bar :-) They are listed under my profile for now, lol

    Yay, you found Hard Candy, hope they are good :-)

  4. I know it's so unfair sometimes. But by the same token, it would be difficult for companies to maintain two twitter accounts (one for US, one for international) so that you don't have to see those tweets...I don't know...I always try to see it from both sides, especially if the company itself is in the US. I would get upset too, if a Canadian company kept tweeting about special promotions but they were only for CA citizens, but I would understand because the company itself is in Canada. Does that make sense? :)

    I checked out your blog list in your profile. Wow! Do you really read all of those blogs on a consistent basis? No wonder you are always so well-informed!! I am jealous! :)

  5. I don't have problem with US-only promotions as long as it's clearly stated. I hate the disappointment to follow it all along just to find out at the end I'm not even eligible.

    Yep, I have a really long blog list. If I can't read them all, I can always come back later. I'm switching from email subscription to Google Connect, just to be more organized :-)

  6. I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.