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NOTD: OPI DS Vintage

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

My Very First... OPI, and it's a holo!

This is OPI DS Vintage from my blog sale haul a while back. Love at first sight, I have to say :-)

Considering how expensive OPI nail polishes are around here (I only saw them at a salon around CAD10 a piece), and the DS line would be a few extra bucks, I told myself to forget about them. The moment I saw Vintage on the blog sale, I emailed the blogger and crossed my fingers that nobody else had bought it, lol.

Application was smooth and easy. The holo effect in the picture is mainly from the flash at night. Imagine how intense it could be under the sun. I hardly have any time during the day for a sunlight post :-(

How was your weekend? It was a busy one for me, didn't have much time to sit down. It warmed up outside, which made it a little easier to get out. Still I long for a relaxing weekend for a change. Next weekend would be Lunar New Year, and my friend has a pot luck party. Gotta bring out my "kitchen" skills soon, lol. I'm fine cooking regular meals in the house, but when it comes to party food, I have no idea what to cook. Does anyone else celebrate?


  1. $10 is a good deal!
    minimum I have seen it is $15 at trade secrets and other places. As high as $20 in some salons :T
    It is so lovely :)
    Congrats on that find and new addition~

  2. Wow, $10 is a good deal already? You gotta check out my post today then :-) $15-20/ bottle is bizzare, I can't afford that