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Chatters & Sally finds

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

For quite a while now, Sally is my only place to go for nail polishes (except a few lucky finds at Claire's and Icing). Thanks to a dear reader and blogger, PerryPie, I came to know about Chatters. Now I'm hooked and I'll tell you why.

I was so excited to see Chatters happened to have just opened a brand new store around here (and another one closer to where I live coming soon too). I went in last weekend and found a heaven of OPI polishes. They are sold at CAD9.95 (regular colours) and CAD14.95 (DS colours), and I love their sale rack filled with little packages with red tags :-)

I only bought one thing: OPI "Designs of Spring" set with DS Reflection and DS Top Coat, on sale for CAD12.71 (org. CAD28.70). Score!

When I applied Vintage, I didn't put on a top coat, worrying that it would dull the holo effect. But if it's a DS top coat, do you think it would make a difference? I haven't tried it but I do hope so.

There were other discounted packs on the shelf (2 colours, plus a free small bag of some sort) for less than CAD20 (I did see My Private Jet in that bunch), but I saved it for another trip :-) I am committed to come back, as I did walk away with a $50 gift card when I fell for their Valentine promo (buy $50 gift card get a free gift certificate for a manicure), lol.

They also had OPI mini packs, including Alice in Wonderland for CAD13 more or less. Other brands included China Glaze (at a whooping CAD6.95 a piece), CHI and Piggy Polish. And if you are into hair products, Chatters is a heaven of that too. They have a reward point system where you get 1 point every $ you spend and receive $10 worth of hair care products when you get to 300 points. Not as great as Sally's card, but at least we get something, lol.

I can't wait for it to open the store closer to me so I can go more often. Note: Please don't question my affiliation with this store, as there isn't one. I'm just excited to find a place in Canada to buy OPI at sale price, that's all :-)

I also went to Sally to return a polish (double purchase, don't ask me why). There wasn't any "Up and Away" China Glaze yet, but I did see a few promotions in store that you might want to know.
- Orly French Polynesian polishes or hand treatment system: buy 2 get 1 free.
I like the blue and the sheer red, but haven't experienced their hand care products. Are they any good, anyone knows?
- Orly polish: CAD4.99
- Face Secrets puff, wedges, applicators, etc.: buy 2 get 1 free
- China Glaze polish: CAD1 off (coupons on the shelf, not in the flyer).

Another exciting news: Seche Vite, the famous top coat, has returned to Sally in a lovely Valentine packaging (pink hearts), CAD9.99 right now (with card). Yay!

Hope my little post is helpful for some of you. Let me know if you hauled anything last weekend :-)


  1. Oh, the TC is more expensive now...

    but OMG u snagged an awesome one!
    I know I saw that set at Trade Secrets, but not on sale. Maybe they will and I can snag it for a decent price like yours :)

    I am loving these finds of yours XD
    Must check out the other blog now~

  2. Hi :) thanks for your comment, I added a different link to try if the first one doesn't work!

    I've got the DS topcoat, it doesn't noticeably dull the effect of my holographic polishes and wears for a really long time :)

  3. ^.^

    And on boxing week, Chatters has buy 1 item get 10% off, buy 2 items get 20% off, buy 3 or more items get 30% off. 30% off nail polish is soooo awesomesauce.

  4. I've never heard of Chatters! I'd love to see one around here though.

  5. Hi, I just saw this at my local (Ontario) Zellers store and thought I should share this with you. Right now there is 50% off on all the ELF products in store. Not sure if this is national wide. I didn't buy anything though since most of them are kits.

  6. rasilla, yeah, last time we were in Trade Secrets, didn't see anything on sale huh :-)

    Leanne, I'll try again. Good to know the DS top coat works :-)

    PerryPie, yeah I'd snag a few at 30% off, lol

    Arezu, Chatters does have some stores in Ontario, not in Toronto though. I don't know why

    moonRabbit, oh that's awesome. Too bad my Zellers hasn't got any elf sets at all. Thanks for letting me know though xo