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Weekend finds

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Last weekend, I was at Shoppers for some Annabelle. Couldn't miss the deal.

Unfortunately, my Shoppers only carried the 12 basic colours of the mono shadows, not the later-released ones that were more fun and bright. So I got 4, worked out to be CAD1 each with coupons - and earned the free compact, of course.
Left: Sugar Dust (a baby pink), Indigo Glow (dark blue)
Right: Snow Flake (off white), Buff Naked (beige).
I found out when I came home that I already have the first 2 colours, lol. Will have to try another Shoppers to see whether I could exchange them for the bright ones.

In the middle is Quo Diamonds and Ice palette from the holiday line. It was my lucky find, as last time I was there, no palettes were left. The lady said she found some in the drawer and put them out. I snagged the last one for CAD7 (same deal 75% off), a steal huh? :-)

The studded case carries the same festive look as other products in the line. And there's also a paper sleeve with red/ pink pattern.

A close up of the palette shows the top tray with 12 shadows, 3 blushes and 2 pressed powders. The colours are definitely for spring, quite toned down and neutral. The bottom tray is a pull out and has 12 glosses, a tiny puff and brushes/ applicators. The colours are a bit stronger, maybe just right to pair with neutral eye looks :-)

The only thing I miss in the holiday collection is still the brush set :-)

Zellers was having some clearance items in the cosmetics section. I was interested in some Physician Formula, but this Multi-Reflective Face Powder was the only thing left with a yellow tag, on sale from CAD17.87 to CAD4.49 - similar price point with the items I got from Winners.

The label that said "Virtual face powder" reflects the flash into a palette of rainbow colours. Pretty huh?

The shade is Highlighter, a pale baby pink colour. I would probably use this as a cheek highlight. It comes with a built-in mirror and brush too.

A dear reader, moonRabbit, mentioned in my previous post that her Zellers (in Ontario) is having all elf sets on sale for 50% off. If you are in the area, check it out. My Zellers still doesn't have any elf yet.

Have a great day ladies!


  1. ack! ELF! must try and get to zellers XD

  2. omg! quo is like 12+ still on the holiday stuff :(

  3. rasilla, yeah it should. No sign of it around here, except at Winners

    Jenn, most stores have 50% off, only this one store I found 75% off