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NOTD: Collection 2000 Button Moon

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

This is the first entry in "My Very First..." series, featuring polish shades from the brands I haven't tried before.

Meet this gorgeous mint colour from Collection 2000 Hot Looks collection called Button Moon, as part of my UK Goodies haul a while back. My very first shade from this brand, and it didn't disappoint. I kept looking at my nails during the day, sometimes laughed at myself for doing that :-) What do you think? Quite close to China Glaze For Audrey, if you ask me.

I know this colour isn't really safe for work, but seeing the mint green trend on lots of nail blogs lately, I was itching to pull out mine to wear. My co-worker did comment on my bright nail colour today, but one time affair with Button Moon in the office wouldn't kill me, lol.

The bottle is small (8ml) but the brush is surprisingly wide which covered most of my nails in one swipe. This shade is a cream, so I was actually surprised that I didn't have much problem with it. Opaque after 2 coats, and dries quick, loved it!


  1. i LOVE that color! since we can't get that here in Canada, i will just have to go with For Audrey (ChinaGlaze)

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  3. Thanks Gee. I think we're lucky to be able to have For Audrey and a few of my friends still have to wishlist it

  4. Reminds me of Essie Mint Candy Apple! Pretty ^^

  5. Gaby, those lovely mint colours are just so amazing, aren't they?