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Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Omg, Sunday was the most beautiful fall day in history! It was sunny and WARM. 16 degrees for fall? Yeah, I'll take it any time! But the weather wasn't the only thing I was so excited about, as I just picked up my swap package from Scotland.

Has this picture peeked your curiosity yet? My very first Illamasqua!!! Feel. Intense. Bruised. Fallen. Truth. and Imagine.

Lyndsay at Robert Smith's Mistress Makeup Wonderland was looking for an international swap and I jumped right on the offer. You all know that I love to get my hands on UK makeup (I even did a post on UK makeup brands to help with my lemmings).

Illamasqua wasn't originally on the wishlist I sent to Lyndsay, as I honestly can't afford it. Their price point is £14.00 and up :-)

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During the swap, however, I was very lucky to find a blog sale that offered Illamasqua powder shadows in bulks with amazing price, and free shipping within the UK. Lyndsay helped me out with getting a pack of these beauties, and I am really thankful.

The shades that I got:
First row, from L-R: Intense (deep blue green), Feel (bronzy brown), Imagine (light blue/purple)
Second row: Bruised (red), Fallen (purple), Truth (taupe).

My picture is taken with flash, so the colours are really washed out. I tried, but it was very hard to capture the shades in camera. I am a bit worried that the 2 brown/neutral shades wouldn't show up well with my skin tone. But nevertheless, I'm so happy to own Illamasqua items :-)

The rest of the swap items aren't any less exciting. First reason would be they were out of reach to lots of us outside UK. Second, they are of great quality and great price. What else there to not want them?

Here is the famous Sleek i-divine paltte in Chaos, with the most colourful combination. I love all the shades, which might be a bit of a dilemma, lol. I was waiting like forever since Sleek announced their international online shopping site will be up next Spring. Now I could tie myself over with Chaos.

I also got the Pout Polish SPF15 in Electro Peach. Despite the fact that it doesn't come in a tube, I still want to try it badly :-)

Sleek has so many products, it wasn't easy to pick out just one or two.

And lastly, my Collection 2000 items.

First row are the Dazzle Me! Eye Dust, from L-R: Enigma, Sugarplum and HazyDaze. The jars came with shifters (with stickers on top to avoid spilling). These will be a nice addition to my pigment family.

Second row: Hot Looks Fast Dry Nail polish in BMX Bandit, Wham and Button Moon. These colours have been featured a lot in UK beauty blogs that I have to have for myself. The bottles, though, are tiny (9ml). What if I run out, lol?

Thank you so much Lyndsay for this swap. I am one step closer to UK makeup :-) Check out her post for what I sent her.

Have a lovely day, everyone!


  1. How dare you show us that stuff from Sleek and not take a picture of the actual product! lol. Why are you torturing me? The website pics are so tiny, I can't really tell what the palette is like. Open it and take some pics, please! :) xo

    PS: And thanks so much for the link yesterday to the elf encyclopedia! Now I *really* want it. My Target is sooo slow...I probably won't see them until December. lol.

  2. Lol, oh R... I thought everybody would have seen Chaos already by now, so I didn't take a picture with it. But yeah, I should have :-)

    Maybe your Target still is faster than my Zellers, very hard to wait huh?

  3. ooooooo lovely Illamasqua shadows!! nice haul!

  4. wahhh, great swaps XD
    can't wait to hear your take on them :)

  5. Thanks guys. I'll probably do a post on Chaos. Might put some Illamasqua on a blog sale

  6. One thing I've learned from blogging is never assume that everyone has seen pics of anything. lol. There are always people (like me) who are behind in the times. :) But not to worry--beautyjunkielondon just posted a pick of a Sleek palette so my yearnings have been met. :) xo

  7. R, it might be a good advice there. It's just that I've seen so much Sleek coverage at blogs I read, I assume :-) Plus Chaos isn't a new release, so...