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TBS Special Sale Haul

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

I was so happy seeing The Body Shop's latest sale Buy more Save more, with the highest discount was 25% - higher than the regular 20% off at LYB shopping events. There was no advanced notice with the sale though, as I got the email late Friday night. Even the staff in stores only knew about it Saturday morning.

The store near my place had 3 of the Ultimate Makeup Collection kits left when I walked in, better stock than the store I went on Friday. The staff bought the other 2 for themselves after I got mine, realizing how great of a deal it was :-)

The confirmed price was CAD30 despite the tag on them still saying CAD50. With 25% off, plus 10% LYB, it only cost me CAD20. Score!

It comes with:
- Face & Body Brush
- Eyeshadow Blender Brush
- Eyelash Curler
- 1.25 g Eye Definer 01 Black
- 10 ml Super Volume Mascara 01 Black
- 8.5 g Shimmer Waves 02 Blush
- 14 ml Hi-Shine Lip Treatment 01 Pink Cream
- 14 ml Hi-Shine Lip Treatment 02 Red Gleam, and
- Classy Faux Leather Case with mirror and a draw for storage.

I'm loving this, as I could use it to store a few makeup items later. It looks quite fancy and sturdy.

All the prices I mention from now on are sale prices, before any extra discount.

For body care, I got:
- Gently Purify Clarifying Clay mask (CAD5, reg. CAD24). I wanted some mask for the body, as most my masks are for the face.
- White Musk Midnight Iris Velvet Shimmer body lotion (CAD2). Something about shimmer that always sucks me in, lol.
- Body Focus Bust Firmer (CAD2). This seems to be the last item available from the Body Focus line that TBS was clearing out. Still can't believe the clearance price, I wouldn't mind trying it out. Wondering whether it's going to work, lol.

Fragrances were surprise finds to me, actually. I was never into TBS fragrance before this sale.

In the picture:
- Shimmer mists in Aqua Lily (blue) and Neroli Jasmine (pink), CAD3 each. You shake up the bottle to mix the shimmer that stays at the bottom, then spray. You'll smell nice with a glow on the skin. How cool?
- Home fragrance oil in Mandarin Ginger and American Pumpkin (CAD1 each), and the Flower Garland Oil Burner (CAD5).
- Perfume oil in Neroli Jasmin (white bottle, CAD2) and the atomiser (CAD1).

The blush trios were still CAD5 (which is the same as in the "3 for CAD15" offer before). Cool Dusk (pink) was a lot more popular, as I found only one of it among tons and tons of Warm Sunset (coral/ peach).

The eye trios were CAD4 now ($1 cheaper), but only Sundown Glow (brown neutral) was left. Moonlight Lustre (blue/ purple) was all gone, a more popular shade again. I am still disappointed at how much smaller the eye trios are compared to the blush ones :-)

The sale is still going on today, so check out the store. I was so glad the store I went had quite a bit of stock. Good luck


  1. Great haul. Especially this blush and eye trios look great.

  2. Great finds.I haven't tried anything from TBS in years. I am going to have to pay them a visit now! :)

  3. OMG$20 for the BOX!!!!
    That's crazy better than the 3/30 sale!!
    omg, seriously. Pure awesome! Good for you on the snag XD

  4. WOW, what a fantastic haul! You make me want to drive to TBS this very second. I bet that Mandarin Ginger HFO smells amazing. :)

  5. Biba, the main reason I wanted the kit was the brushes and the lash curler :-)

    Mz. More, TBS has some great products, try them out.

    rasilla, I'm glad you are as excited as I am about scoring the box. It was certainly better than the 3 for $30 deal :-)

    R, normally TBS has better sale in the US anyway. If you did go, let me know what you scored :-)

  6. omg! What amazing items!!! I think back and this was one of the first brands of makeup I wore! I need to go back and check it out again!!

  7. Sara, I was lucky to find all those cool items at good price :-) TBS has some good products

  8. So I went to the Yorkville location today.
    Guess what?

    They had one kit there, and I was hoping that it would still be like $30.

    NOPE $130.

    Seriously I don't know what is up with that store :(

    Had it been $30, I would have bought it in a heart beat! lol. but yeah...I was a tad sad...
    just thought Id share. Im still hoping that I might come across it, and it will be on sale, but maybe it just isn't the same here in Ontario :(

  9. rasilla, last time I saw the kit online (it's not there anymore), it was $50 which proved that it was on sale for sure. So the one you found should be at least $50 if not $30. Did you ask them to scan the price? Sorry that you missed out on this. Give them a call for a price check again, maybe?

  10. The scanned price WAS $130 :T
    Just so that the girl wouldn't steal it from me, when she told me that it was $130, I asked her to check cause a friend bought it cheaper. But it scanned at $130.

    I know a while back, when we first went nuts over the 3/15 MU stuff, you mentioned that they are franchises, and so prices are always the same. I can only assume that because this is Yorkville, they don't do 'sales' cause the people who shop there can 'afford it'. I dunno, either way, Im going to still be on alert for that box XD, love the little pull out~

  11. Oh darn, how crazy is that? The box is a Xmas item, should be on sale like crazy by now. Yorkville store sucks. Hope you can check other locations