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Winners haul - Fragrances and more

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

This is a little haul I did when Winners was having 20% off more than a week ago but didn't want to post up, as I wasn't sure I'd keep all the stuff.

They are fragrances and I shopped by the looks and brands only as there was no testers at Winners, as you know.

What I got:
- J Lo Glow after Dark Night Bright body lotion (200ml), cost me CAD6.50 after discount

- CK Eternity Summer for men (100ml), reg. $75 from retail stores, paid CAD24

- Lolita Lempicka Coral Flower (50ml), reg. $69, paid CAD28

- Gwen Stefani L.A.M.B (100ml), reg. $72, cost CAD22

- Elizabeth Arden Mediterranean Breeze (50ml), reg. $47.50, paid CAD16

I would probably keep the LL Coral Flower, as I heard some good reviews about it, but have no idea what the rest would smell like, lol. If you have tried any of these fragrances before, please do let me know whether they are good to keep.

And this was from the makeup/ bath & body corner.

- Korres Fig set with a body butter (150ml), a shower gel (250ml) and a body scrub (50ml) CAD13.50

- Delon+ Mango body butter (2 in the set) CAD8

- Bare Escentuals Crown Jewels (Mother-of-all-gems) for CAD16, comes with a Clear Radiance all over face colour, True Gold and Opal glimmers, Onyx liner shadow, a double-ended Precision eye brush and an angled Face brush.

I found it at the clearance section, didn't realize the Buxom Big & Healthy lip polish was missing (probably that was why it was discounted). Disappointed.

I bought these Korres Quince body butters (235ml) a few days before this event, so no discount. CAD7.99 each wasn't bad anyway, especially when it's one of the best sellers on Korres' website.

The body butter is supposed to be an extra moisturizing cream for dry skin conditions, so I have been using it on my legs mostly. It is quite thick but not greasy at all. I like the scent, very light and fruity, not too sweet. Hoping it works well for my skin during the coming winter.


  1. Oooh, fragrances and body stuff! I really love the texture and fragrance of both the Korres Fig and Quince body butters. :)

    As for the fragrances, it's kind of impossible to tell a person whether or not to keep a fragrance because fragrance is so subjective! What smells good to me may smell horrible to you, and vice versa. You truly need to smell them and test them all on your wrist for a few hours in order to decide. You may not like one at first, but as it adjusts to your body chemistry it could change and turn into something you love, you know? Is there a store that has testers near you?

    As for the one I'm the most curious about, it's definitely Coral Flower. The others you can find anywhere (in the US) but the Lolita Lempika Coral Flower is not as widespread. From what I've read, it's describe as a floral amber with aquatic, woodsy and citrus notes. I can't even imagine what it smells like, but I have got to try it. If I were you, I probably couldn't resist and I would have already ripped off the plastic by now. lol. :)

  2. You're right R, it's personal and I just experienced that, lol. My sis said she liked LAMB but when I sniffed it at the store, I didn't like it. Why is it so complicated :-)

    It's interesting to know LL isn't easy to find in the US. I bought Coral Flower out of recs from a Canadian youtuber, lol. I know I should just open it up, but the packaging is too pretty, lol