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Kiss Me Mascara

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

I saw this deal on a forum and thought it was interesting: Blinc Kiss Me mascara on

I have never heard of this website before and am not commissioned to promote this deal. As a matter of fact, I want to hear your thoughts if you have heard or shopped there before, also what you think about this particular mascara.

This mascara is $24 on Sephora, only in black. The Canadian-exclusive deal is CAD29.95 with free shipping, and 6 colours to choose from.

I recall seeing this mascara at Shoppers, but can't say I remember how much it was sold for. That's how much I know about Japanese makeup, lol.

Hope your week has been going well. Mine was slow and stressful, as Squirt was sick and just went back to school today, plus the bf was sick too. I was totally in no mood to pack, and it's only just a few days from the weekend.

We were downtown today when they had the Olympic torch run and ceremony. People walked around with the Olympic flags, and the streets were all festively lighted up. Very Christmast-y, which kinda cheered me up :-)


  1. My friend just bought it from the Sephora VIB discount, it's another tube-forming-over-lashes mascara. The brush looks quite different!

    I heard you might make it to IMATS on Sat, I'll be there too, hope to meet you!! You have an amazing blog =)

  2. I love this mascara, its probably my favourite non-drugstore mascara so far. Everything else I've used since sucks...with maybe the exception of Guerlain. It doesn't do extreme volume but is nice for a bit of length and definition. Its also really reliable in terms of never smudging (unlike some mascaras) and easy to remove.

  3. Hi there!
    about hi-fi cosmetics, yeah they do ship everywhere! we had just decided only for the giveaway to do U.S. only. but she does ship everywhere! :D

    hope that helped! I want so much from your blog sale but dont get paid until december 1st. hopefully you will have a few things left :)

  4. Babybubblz, please leave your phone number with either rasilla, blu3, so we can meet up. I'm gonna be there later in the day, so I'll join you all then. Thanks for your sweet comment :-)

    blu3, great to know you like the mascara. If I have any money left after IMATS, I might give it a try in the new year, lol

    Aquaheart, thanks for the info. Just shoot me an email when you're ready :-)