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IMATS Toronto & offers

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

As you have heard from me enough, IMATS is this weekend (woo hooo!), so just want to do a summary of highlights from IMATS website, and from browsing around the net. I also spent a few hours watching IMATS LA videos on youtube, just to know what to expect. So here goes.

The Exhibitor list has been updated with the latest addition of NARS (I'm excited about this one) and the Bay. This year, MAC will only be teaching/ presenting at the show, so no MAC shopping.

For Canadian brands, they'll have Cover FX, FACE atelier and Yaby. I was hoping Pandora's Makeup Box also joins this year as they have become quite popular recently and they are Canadian. Not long after juicystar07's video about their products went live, the website crashed due to extremely high traffic. Impressive huh? Pandora's cannot confirm whether they'll be at IMATS Toronto at this time yet, so the chance of seeing the brand is not high.

MUFE will be 40% off at the show. The line at IMATS LA was crazily long - the wait was anywhere between 40 minutes and 2 hours (yikes)! allthatglitters21 said people passed along a note about things they wanted when they first got in line, and the stuff will be ready for them when they got to pay. As the result, people in line wouldn't know if the stuff was sold out or not.

According to My Daily Grind on Beauty, besides individual products at the show, there are some HD sets as well. The company told me we don't have to rsvp, just pick them up at the show like anybody else.

The best seller sets:
- 4 Must Have HD Concealers (305,330,355,370) $80
- 4 HD foundation set WARM (117,128,177,185) $115
- 4 HD Foundation set COOL (115,155,175,180) $115
- HD Powder & Kabuki Brush $50
- Perfect Primers (HD Elixir, HD Primer N0, All Mat) $85
* taxes included, plus a black MAKE UP FOR EVER bracelet with the purchase of an HD set.

Would you be interested in any of the sets? If not, what are some good MUFE products you suggest me to check out?

OCC offered 20% off at IMATS LA, I don't know it would be the same in Toronto.

Another brand I want to check out is Naked Cosmetics, as I saw a few pretty pigment sets people bought at IMATS LA. Some people mentioned next time around, they would spend their mony on a stack of Naked Cosmetics' pigments instead of a shadow or two at MUFE, so I'm very curious.

And there're the hard-to-find brands (at least to me) like Ben Nye, Kryolan, Eve Pearl - heard raves about her foundation and salmon concealer.

Brushes would be a big thing at the show, many brands, many product choices. Auraline, Crown Brush, Hakuhodo and Royal Brush would sure keep us busy. Auraline also has empty palettes for cheap (could fit MAC shadows), but the minimum order on the site is $50. There shouldn't be any minimum limit at the show, so shop away. Hakuhodo is a high end brand above others (about $25-30 higher than MAC's range), just so everyone is prepared.

Also, they do take credit cards at the show, so you don't have to bring cash, lol. It works better for their benefit, don't you think? Just watch your budget and don't blow it too far, lol. If we could gather 10 people or more, there's "group discount" for 1 order all together. It doesn't sound practical, considering how busy the show might be and people are scattered all over the place. Can you keep 10 people at one place to put in one order?

In terms of speakers, if I could pull myself away from the goodies, I would want to see Eve Pearl, Koren, Pursebuzz, and New Moon's MUA Norma Hill-Patton.

Advanced tickets are available until 5pm EDT, November 19. Tickets at the door would be CAD40 (1 day) or CAD70 (2 days), and CAD20 for children under 12. Note: you can change the date of your tickets by 5pm, November 19 by emailing Tickets are not refundable but is transferable.

Also, the Afterglow party for IMATS participants is going to be at the Brazen Head Irish Pub, 6pm on Saturday. Anybody going?

Hope it's gonna be fun time for all who decide to attend. And it'd also be a meetup among us, bloggers. See you there!

EDIT: beautygeeks is giving away a pair of IMATS tickets. Hurry over and enter, if you haven't got your tickets already or want to bring a friend.

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  1. another reason i want to go early. must get new foundie and hd stuff!!...
    but not im starting to worry about my personal limit...
    cause i checked out the naked cosmetics, and it does look pretty cool!
    and i also forgot about yaby :(
    dang, will need to reevaluate my list! lol

  2. Thanks for all the info, this is great!

  3. I need to have a plan of attack for Sunday or risk being overwhelmed! LOL.

  4. rasilla, the list can always be revised, up to and during the day, lol

    Niki, no problem :-)

    Michelle, overwhelmed for sure, hard to be prepared for that :-)

  5. I saw NARS in the Exhibitor's list momentarily too, but they're gone now. :(

    Anyway, I'm running to the MUFE booth right away on Sunday.

  6. Arianne, it has been confirmed that NARS will be at the BeautySoClean booth. I was thinking going to MUFE first too, but I have no idea what to get, lol