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Olay Renegerist deal

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Morning everyone! I want to get this post up bright and early, as I am going to a ceremony this afternoon (and it is exciting, lol).

I was in Superstore last night before going to the gym, and saw a little deal that I thought I should share.

This week (until Thursday), Superstore has the Olay Regenerist moisturizers/ lotions for CAD19.99 ($8 off from regular retail price). I got an Olay Regenerist Eye Regenerating Cream + a touch of Concealer (15ml) and a Fill + Seal Wrinkle Treatment (30ml).

Not a bad price, but then, right next to the product shelf were the rebate form for $10 gift card. So a product (almost) turned out to be CAD10.

I said "almost" as the terms say: Receive a $10 President's Choice GC with $20 (before taxes) of participating products in 1 single transaction: Oral B, Cover Girl, Always, Crest, Tampax, Gilette, Olay, Ivory, Pantene, Clairol, Secret and Old Spice [any size or version]. Offer valid October 1 to November 30.

I was $.01 short for this rebate if I only got 1 item. So if you need to restock or want to try out a Olay Regenerist product, justs grab something from the mentioned brands for like a dollar or two (or getting 2 products like I did), and get the gift card to spend next time. It's a rebate type of deal, so you'll have to send off the receipt and wait for the gift card to be sent back, but I don't mind.

Also talking about deal, The Body Shop is having 2 for CAD30 special on all of their Body Butters (reg. CAD20 each).

I'm interested in the new scents: Merry Cranberry, Nutmeg & Vanilla, and Black Velvet Apricot. Has any of you tried these out?


  1. mmm body butters! I love those things for sure! I don't know why we all love to smell like fruit etc!! LOL That's a great deal on Olay I may have to check it out. I went to my winners yesterday so check out the deals, but they were completely picked over! Will have to find out when their delivery days are so I don't miss out! LOL

  2. Ouu, body butter... one of my male cousins thought that women just naturally smelt like fruit in his childhood.

    I tried the Regenerist eye makeup remover once... OUCH! That thing stings like crazy. More-so than having Glowsticks in the eye actually.

  3. bodyy butter. yumm LOL! if only their cocoa butter actually smelled like cocoa butter. it smells weirder than the palmers cocoa butter i have. but their strawberry one smells yummy :D

  4. Nancy, it might be a good idea to check their stocking date. Sorry you missed out this time.

    Wendy, I'll make sure to stay away from the makeup remover :-)

    Gee xo, I haven't tried the Cocoa butter but like their Moringa, yummy indeed.