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Winners: Beauty items

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

I went back to Winners last night and had second thoughts about the items I put on hold. Sadly, I put 2 pairs of shoes back, but I did take some makeup home. So here is part II of my Winners haul :-)

First thing that caught my eyes when I'm at the beauty section has always been gift sets. And look what I found this time.

Fusion Beauty's The Essentials Kit (reg. $49 on Amazone), Winners' tag was CAD32.99 on clearance for CAD20.

The set includes:
- GlowFusion Micro-Nutrient Natural Protein Tan in Medium (2oz/ 30ml)
- LipFusion Micro-Injected Collagen Lip Plump Deluxe Mini in Bloom (0.05oz/ 1.5g)
- LashFusion Micro-Technology Pure Protein Lash Plump in Black (0.27oz/ 7.65g), and
- LipFusion Micro-Injected Collagen Duo: Lip Plump/ XL (0.14oz/ 4.4g).

It's a neat little set with items I haven't tried before, so it was a nice buy. As it comes as a gift set though, I'm feeling like I might give it away as a gift :-) Not sure yet.

I also found what I was hoping Winners here would have: the Goldie polish trios (CAD5.99 each set).

There were only 3 sets available and I can't pick just one. The bottles design, the caps (they are shapped as a flower which you can't tell in the picture), and the bows, all are just too cute.

The first set has a nude gold, a rosy mauve and a bronze. The second one has a magenta pink, a purple and an orange. The last set has a minty green, a deep magenta and a nude pink.

And there were a few single Urban Decay items on the shelf. Too bad there was no sets or palettes, as they are better for the money.

I picked up a few things:
- Ultraglide lip gloss in Heat (sheer red with gold sparkle, reg. $17). There were about 6 available shades for the lip gloss that I saw.
- Afterglow powder blush in Exhale (nude with shimmer, reg. $17). Only 1 shade found.
- Liquid liner in Gash (deep red, reg. $18), and
- Baked Body Glow body bronzer with shimmer (reg. $25).

Winners' price was CAD4.99 each, so it was certainly a good deal. However, I found out online that Exhale is supposed to be a nude shade (it looks light pink in the pan), don't know it would show up on my skin. Heat is also described as a sheer red, and my lips are pigmented. I don't know I would keep them. If you have any of these shades, please let me know how they work for you.

I also want to thank all of you who commented on my previous post about the dresses and shoes. The first dress seemed to get more love from you guys than the rest, and the shoes were ok, lol. I really appreciate you all! Please feel free to comment on this one as well :-)


  1. I am so going to winners today!! I always get some good product when I go, but I often forget about the fact that they have beauty products! I'm taking back my Superstay foundation today (cuz I HATED it) and picking up some goodies at winners! YEAH

  2. Ohhh, nice haul, and UD for $4.99? That's a steal!
    I should stop by my Winners..

  3. How come the Winners closest to me never seems to have half as many great things as yours? I'm jealous!

  4. freaking insane!
    I always wanted to try out the UD liner.
    I have an appointment downtown tomorrow, so will try and stop by Winners and see if I can score some goodies as well XD
    4.99...STEAL! XD

  5. Good luck ladies. Winners stock is unpredictable. I don't always find good stuff myself :-)

  6. Those Goldie polish trios are freakin' adorable! Great haul!

  7. Ooooh, look at all the good stuff you can get in Canada. Jealous! :) xo

  8. Lena, I had to get all 3 sets. That meant something, lol

    R, these are all US brands, lol. You have full access to them, don't you?

  9. This is definitely not fair! Here in B.C. - I can't find many Urban Decay palettes/sets/singles! I've only seen Urban Decay at Winners TWICE. I've found two discontinued gift sets, 24/7 Glide On's with Glitter liners but that is about it. We do get quite a lot of Too Faced though... but the terrible people in Vancouver love to TEST the products ruining the ENTIRE set for others.

  10. It is the common issue at Winners that lots of products are badly swatched by people. I hate that so much. It's hard to know when or what Winners will get in stock, so I just check in quite often :-) Too Faced is good too, right?