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Sally Hansen Canada-exclusive collection

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

Have you ever heard of a Canada-exclusive Project Runway polish collection from Sally Hansen? I was so surprised reading about from a few polish blogs. Do we ever get anything for ourselves (sounds so selfish, but really?), and I didn't know about it???

Anyway, I am now officially on the hunt for these little bottles. The words are they are available at Shoppers. See for yourself and tell me you don't want them :-)

From L-R: American Beauty, Fashion Forward, Valentino, Project Runway, Purple Heart, and Burnt Sienna.

Photo credit: Lindsay117 on Makeup Alley. She posted close-up bottle pics as well, so indulge yourself!

After I saw the swatches from Jade at Enamored Enamel, I could hardly wait. Are you excited?

Thank you Sally for giving Canada a little something to play with (and maybe to brag about, lol). I believe all these shades are great for fall, just in time, isn't it?

Also while we're on the topic of nail polish wishlist, just like anybody else, I am dreaming of the day I could own China Glaze OMG and Kaleidoscope collections, and the OPI DS series. If you have got these bottles before, can you please point me to the right direction: what website/store, price point, shipping cost, customer service quality, etc. I do know the popular nail polish e-retailers, but haven't shopped there and don't know which one is great. Thanks so much!


  1. Dang a Canada-only collection and I have never seen it anywhere. Now I have to look for that.

  2. Apparently these aren't really Canada Exclusive.
    Just that they haven't really put an effort in stocking them properly, or restocking them in stores in the US.
    There was a thread on it in MUA, and ppl have apparently spotted it around, though VERY rare XD

    Purple Heart is GORGEOUS though.
    I had to do a CP for someone, and I picked up two for myself as well~

    and Re: Etailers...I think there are only 3 big names? but one of them stopped shipping to Canada. The DS series is available at Trade Secrets now, but they are MUCH cheaper at the Etailers.

    It was mentioned here? and they are Canadian~

  3. Several of these colors remind me of sparklier, darker versions of the colors from the Tracy Reese for Sally Hansen Spring 2009 collection. I am jealous because I like them all =)

    I think Transdesign ships internationally, but I'm not sure how much they charge to go outside of the US. I've only ordered from them once but everything went smoothly.

  4. I guess Sally changed her mind after all and brought these bottles down south. Just wish she had better PR dept who could bring us such information. The Canadian website doesn't work, no twitter acount, not replying to emails, etc. She must be really busy! :-)

  5. OMG, I was literally getting ready to post the pics I took of the sets at Walgreens last night when your post on my blog roll caught my eye! I'm sorry to say that the sets themselves are not Canadian exclusives, however (as you'll see in my pics) the colors in that set were not at my local Walgreens. There were four other sets available but I just double-checked my photos and none of them match. Interesting!

  6. Purple Heart is berautiful!

  7. R, I see that the sets you found are different from the shades in this collection. But exclusive or not, we enjoy having great polish colours, don't we :-)

    Geekybeauty, Purple Heart is very sought after, just like Project Runway :-)

  8. can't waitt! we didn't even get their high-def collection! i was soo bummed because the colors looked so gorgeous! and the stick nail polish that you can make designs with :( but i'm excited for this one :D thanks for posting!

  9. Gee xo, the HD collection should be available at Walmart as well. Have you checked there? This collection and the HD are quite pricy, which I don't like, but you're right, the colours are very pretty. Hard to resist.

  10. You can buy OPI, China Glaze and other such brands from several eBay stores. I usually use 'Sparkling Nails'. Shipping to ON, Canada is pretty decent!

  11. Thanks Natalie, I'll keep that in mind.

  12. My go to etailer is Transdesign. It's 18 USD to ship to Canada. And they allow you up to 9 polishes. They've got an amazing selection and just great customer service. Don't do 8ty8beauty. They act like they couldn't give a shit about your business and they take forever to ship. Trans ships out next business day.

  13. Perry Pie, good to know Transdesign's shipping cost. It works out $2/bottle on top of the cost huh :-) I don't think 8ty8 ships China Glaze outside US anymore, so good to know about their CS as well. Thanks.

  14. I have serious issues with 88, so... I'm never going back to 88 again. And I think trans is cheaper since to ship is only the $2 if you can manage 9 polishes. I'm lucky in that me and my best friend both love polish, so we just slowly add polishes to a list till we hit 9 polishes and then make an order. Also, if you are interested, check out your local Chatters salons, I don't know about out on the east coast, but sometimes they'll have cheap DS polishes for $5. But that's sorta rare, more often they have buy two for $15. Oh! And try Glamour Secrets/Trade Secrets. They will also have deals.

  15. PerryPie, it wouldn't be hard for me at all to get to 9 bottles. I joined the polish wagon quite late, so there're lots of past collections on my wish list, lol. But it's great that you have a friend to share the addiction with :-)

    And thanks so much for pointing out the Chatters salon. I have a brand new one just opened around here, I'll check them out. We don't have any Trade Secrets here yet, unfortunately.

  16. I think she's more... in moderation than I am. Lol. But yeah, I'm glad I have her to talk polish with. Do you guys have London drugs out there? I know I get a lot of polishes on sale there. And winners. Oh winners, how I adore thee. I'm sittin' here thinking where I've gotten most of my nail polish. Oh, there's also Sally Beauty.

  17. No, we don't have London Drugs. We have Lawton Drugs, smaller polish collection. And oh Winners and Sally, I'm a fanatic there. If you haven't already, check out my posts in "Lawton", "Winners" and "Sally" labels on the right sidebar :-)