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NOTD: China Glaze Solar Power & Cleopatra

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

It was a gorgeous day yesterday, surprisingly warm and sunny (clear blue sky with no clouds). I felt like summer, so I brought out my yellow bottle: China Glaze Solar Power.

I always question myself whether yellow would look good on my nails (even when it's my favorite colour), but I wanted something warm to go with the weather for the weekend, so here it is.

I managed a right angle to photograph the glitters at the tips of the nails: China Glaze Cleopatra. I know I already did this "decoration" in my Icing Let's Tango NOTD post, but I couldn't help it. Cleopatra is so much fun to paint, but I didn't want it to overpower Solar Power, so... they appear happily together, lol.

I was on a roller coaster of emotions on Friday for some great news and sad news I got pretty much at the same time of the night. The bf was so sweet to take us out to dinner last night at our favorite Thai restaurant. Downtown was packed, and so was the restaurant. There were like 10 people waiting at the door, so we just ordered take-out. It was a nice and quiet evening which was what I wanted.

This NOTD did cheer me up and calm me down at the same time :-) Hope you like it too and wish you all a good weekend.


  1. i love that combination! i think i need to get myself the solar power nail polish too!

  2. That combination looks awesome!! Great way to add some cheeriness to your weekend. Sorry to hear you had sad news.

    Oh glitters, you make me so happy XD

  4. that yellow is gorgeous on you, my gripe with China Glaze is that they don't last >.< but I love their colors!

  5. I love this combination! Ahh you're teasing me with Cleopatra....I hope they stock it soon at my Sally's!

  6. Thank you so much everyone. You cheered me up more than you think. I'm glad you liked the colours, I certainly did :-) China Glaze does have great colours (and glitters), lol.

    I normally change my nail colour(s) in 2-3 days, so I don't mind a bit chipping. I'm hard on my nails, so can't totally blame the polish. Even with Zoya that some bloggers said lasted 10 days on their nails, it didn't last long on mine.