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Lancome LE Brush sets

Posted by Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty

I was browing the web last night and saw the new Lancome Deluxe Brush Set. According to the site, the set includes:
- Foundation Brush #2
- Powder Brush #1
- Precision Shadow Brush #12
- Dual Ended Brush #18, and
- Blending Shadow Brush #17.
Plus the adorable brush case. And everything is black and purple.

The price: $59.

So it's safe to say that Lancome is making a trend here with their luxurious brushes by adding colours to them, not just to their makeup products.

I remember the rave about their "Declaring Indigo" Brush Set (LE, $52) a few months back. They were great brushes, I heard, plus the added colours made them stand out from others, quite a treat to the eyes.

For comparison, Declaring Indigo set had:
- Mineral Powder Foundation Brush
- Foundation Brush #2
- Blender Brush #4
- Dual-Ended Brush (Lining and Shadow) #18
- Makeup brush case: The perfect way to carry and protect your LancĂ´me brushes.

So, in short, both sets have the same foundation brush #2 and dual-ended brush #18. The powder brushes look different in the pictures to me.

I'm more a fan of the blue than purple colour, but the new set does have more brushes with a few $ extra. I guess it depends on which brushes you need at the time of purchase :-)

As I didn't get the Indigo set, if you did, what do you think about it? If not, are you getting the purple set this time? I don't know whether Canada will be getting anything though :-)

On a side note for weather update, it was raining all day yesterday and into this morning. And we had a tight schedule of 2 birthday parties and swimming lession for Squirt, so I was being in the rain the whole time. No fun. Hope it's dry where you are :-)


  1. I have seen the brushes on Jenn's (BeautyfulSentiment) blog and I don't think I like it all that much since the bristles looks very much like that of ecotool...

    Anyway, while these kind of brushes are pretty soft, they do give control on how much color you dispense, it's either a lot or a little....So I personally only like synthetic hair use as liner brush...

  2. So, 1 vote down for this set lol